Demin Jackets and Vests

Winter is the season that makes us get more parts warm the wardrobe like vests and jackets. The vest completes the look and makes men more charming. Among the most popular models are the denim jackets and sports. The jackets, are indispensable items. After all, with the Brazilian climate, we’re always surprised by the change of time and, therefore, the ideal is to always carry a coat with you.

Looks with vests

Sports vests

The models of vests with a footprint slightly more sports can be used in more casual looks, with a shirt or a Sweatshirt underneath, or even looks more social, with shirts and pants of tailoring. In this latter, it works like an accessory that will help you to face the cold, but that will be taken to arrive at work, for example.

The nylon vest forms a relaxed look when placed over the denim jacket. At the bottom, bet on jeans or sweatpants.

Another good option is to put the vest over a denim shirt. If the vest is a strong color, the look is even better!

Denim vests

Combo t-shirt, jeans and sneakers looks great when paired with a denim vest. The look seems simple, but the vest leaves the modern look for a casual occasion. If you want to leave the combination even more stylish, replace the shirt for a shirt.

Looks with jackets

Jeans jackets

The denim jacket is an essential piece in the wardrobe of men. If you want to place it with a pair of jeans, try using different tones in each piece. Versatile, you can wear it over a t-shirt, shirt or Plaid Shirt. Here at gradphysics you can get more different models and styles.

Another good option is to use the denim jacket with black pants and boots. Put a hooded sweatshirt underneath the denim jacket is also very interesting.

In more relaxed moments, take an even more stylish touch to the denim jacket: fold the sleeves of her.

Jackets bombers

The roof of the car bombers are versatile for not being so heavy. Combine them with a t-shirt, jeans and a white sneakers will make your look basic but stylish. If you want a more tidy, bet on pants of tailoring with casual shoe.
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