Dell Inspiron Duo Is Half Tablet, Half Netbook

The partnership between Dell and Microsoft has brought a lot of profit for both companies for more than a decade.Leading the market for desktops and laptops, Dell now faces a tough new challenge:launching a tablet that matches its brand.

Recently the company announced its Inspiron Duo, a proposal to offer at the same time a tablet and a netbook at Running Windows 7.

The problem starts exactly in the operating system.Strange that, because even Microsoft had the courage to announce Windows 7 as suitable to run on tablets.

Of face, I went to see the capacity of its battery, since already it foresaw a very low autonomy with this Windows.Bingo!Only 1h 52min.Well that would be about the same as buying a flex car that would drive 50km and would need refueling.

Heavy weight

As a tablet, it is also very heavy:1.54 kg.This is well over double that of an iPad 2 (601 g).And very fat: 28.7 mm (against 8.6 mm of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1).

As expected, the Inspiron Duo does not work like a “normal” tablet, nor could, because Windows 7 was not thought for that.Dell has even tried to include some of its own applications for photos and videos, but, let’s face it, it’s too little.

All this would even be acceptable if price were its main attraction.But it is not.It costs $ 1,899.00 at the Dell store .For $ 1,649.00 you take an iPad 2.

In short:it is insufficient as a netbook (despite its above-average configuration) and as a tablet (by weight, thickness and operating system).

The good news is that Dell is planning to enter the Brazilian market with a line of tablets, which should occur in 2011 through an automaker.