Decoupage Candle Decoration in Your Wedding

Planning and preparing a wedding is not easy at all. There are many details, many options and most of all, many choices to make. It is a fact, that every marriage must have a face, an identity of its own that will be marked in the memory of all those present. This identity, which can be considered the trademark of the marriage, need not only be beautiful and well made, it needs to have the face of the couple, reflect their personalities.

Many elements are essential in defining the style of marriage. The invitations , the wedding dresses and the godparents, as well as others. But the determining factor of the face of the ceremony is decoration. It is the trademark of the event.

Every couple has a style. There are the adventurers, the athletes, the sophisticated, the nature lovers, the fashionistas, the relaxed, the romantic. It is especially for the latter that our article for today is dedicated.

Is there more romantic decoration than candles? They bring to the ceremony a charming appearance and, at the same time, a unique enchantment. It is no wonder that the most romantic dinners are made in the light of them.

Decoration With Candles

That is beautiful nobody doubts. The candle-lit decor is ideal for evening weddings, but is also great and suits the ceremonies at sunset.

This decoration can be done in several ways. There are  infinite types, shapes and colors. In addition, there are many forms of arrangements and combinations with other elements.

For the noivinhas that dream of exposing in this special moment, all its delicacy and romanticism, we will show below candle decoration inspirations. Check it:


It is the most traditional way of using candles in your decor. They can be used from simpler to more formal ceremonies. It looks lovely, at dinner tables.


This is a trend that is gaining strength. It brings a more romantic aspect to the decor, as well as being part of the lighting.

Scattered On The Floor

It is one of the most beautiful and delicate forms of decoration. They give a special charm to ambient lighting and are often used to mark the path of the bride and groom at the ceremony.

Small Candles

The candles can also be combined with other decorative elements. There are several ways of combining them with the most varied flowers, silver and various other things.

Other Ideas

As we said, there are many ways to enhance your decor using candles. Unleash your creativity!