Decorative Week (XCVI)

If ever I am wrong to put Roman numerals of decorative week, Let me know, because they are beginning to move away from what you could call my comfort zone with this convoluted way of showing the cardinal. My love for mathematics had suffered from having lived in Rome for a couple of millennia.

Numerical issues aside, today I am going to devote the ride to white decorative blogs. Because I have the worker already starting to paint, and it is the color I have chosen for the walls of my house – was an open secret, so do not make you the surprised-, and because it has always been my favorite color.

  • Thus, start big, I invite to you paseéis on the blog of The bureau, to see your post titled “White”. You can imagine what it contains, and if not, tell you: a myriad of beautiful pictures of a House on the outskirts of Copenhagen in which he is the protagonist.
  • As perhaps both white is excessive even for its most ardent supporters, however, I have decided to also choose this penthouse vintage that we taught yesterday Virlova in his self-titled blog. Much more like the feeling that I want to achieve, to the surprise of my fellow blog and family, that I have always considered a minimalist exacerbated.
  • As a counterpoint, I bring you a classic renovated apartment in black and white, that as they say in Boho Chic Deco, It is a fusion between ancient, the rescued and the new. Perhaps too anarchic for grid mind, but surely there is enthusiastic about who.
  • Along with white, I bring a material that has me in love, and that if it were not for my budget has already suffered several setbacks and grow-finish, would look on my kitchen countertop and the floor and the walls of my new bathroom: white carrara marble; of which we speak wonders from Delight.
  • Nor do I forget to remind you that you take a look to the Ibersotar Coral Beach, a warm Beach hotel in Marbella where the White is very protagonist, although in a colonial style that I enjoy only when it is not the House that I live.

To finish, and to avoid ending up in white, I’ve brought two goodies: on the one hand, the before and after of the working area of Penelope; by the other, some works of a master of engraving as Josep Miquel which teaches us Chic & Deco.

I say, as I do lately, with a recommendation of cleaning, on this occasion, that not tell you stories to not suck. And with that, I leave up to in VII days, in decorative next week, an appointment that I hope don’t miss it.

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