Decorative Week (CXIII)

Here we are again, as every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • We start big, with the impressive Paris apartment of Studio D-mesure that teach us in Eclecchic. The best of many styles carefully harmonized within a container that stays true to its architecture and original materials
  • And of the eclectic we spent to retro, which has been protagonist of the end of the week in Madrid, with the second edition of the fair I love Retro. Lorraine, of Love for decoration, It was there and tells us with detail.
  • The photographer shares the view from a professional camera Asier Rua on his tumblr blog.
  • The challenge of the twig of Ishtar Olivera shows us once more that the simplest things are often the most beautiful and easy to make. She has decorated a twig that was found in the street and challenges us all to imitate it and share it in your flickr group.
  • Of course that you can do it if not you urge with the twig of always with the cover of pangar office chair it. Certainly we cannot complain of the lack of details.

We said goodbye to our weekly walk with the recommendation that pass you by My Philips world to see the Xelsis coffee which is anticipated to your desires and by AEG Protex space of Jezebel, where can you make sure you once for all of what means what in the language of clothing labels.

You know that if you want to share with us some blog that appear of interest for our decorative week You can do so through our contact form. Until Sunday coming, enjoy much of what remains of the day!

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