Deals from 3: Subscription with Netflix

Now you can get free Netflix-streaming of movies and series if you subscribe with 3. However, only for a period of time.

Tele Smarmy Cabinet 3 initiates a campaign tomorrow with an exclusive partnership with streaming-giant Netflix. Draw you a subscription from the 22.September issues a 3 to 6 month free streaming service with the popular series such as ‘House of Cards’ True Detectiv ‘ and ‘Orange is the new Black’.

The offer comes in the wake of the streaming service is gaining popularity in the Danish homes, as 3 ‘s Director of private market Davis Elsass believe fills more and more Danes consciousness, for example, with the series in ‘House of Cards’ whose premiere of the third season increased the company’s data traffic by 40%.

“It is impressive to a single series may draw as much extra traffic and not least attention. The great Netflix-series have been hot conversation topics. Their first releases are expected in voltage and is discussed in at least as much, as we have previously done this with e.g. Dr’s drama series and Matador. We want to give our customers the opportunity to jump on the Netflix-wave. And those customers who already are under way at Netflix, can look forward to free entertainment for a period of time, “says David Elsass.

Both broadband and mobile

If you use you by the offer, you will receive a gift card on 6 months of free streaming of Netflix ‘ strandardpakke to a value of combined 531.0-crowns. After the termination of this period, you must pay 89 dollars monthly to stream forth.

It’s not all subscription types that includes the quote. In order to redeem a gift card on a six-month streaming you must choose from one of the following broadband or mobile products:

  • Mobile: Free Speech and 10 GB of data for 200 € per month
  • Mobile: Free Speech and 20 GB for 230 € per month
  • Mobile: Free Speech and 40 GB for 270 € per month (new subscription)
  • Broadband: 100 GB of data to 250 € per month
  • Broadband: 200 GB to 300 € per month

The offer applies to both new and existing customers of 3, however, only if they are too binding. You already have a Netflix subscription, you can use the gift card to set the payment in 6 months or you can give the gift card on.