Dax Hub Smart Watch Reviews

Smart watches are currently very popular. Due to the screen, but most models run extremely clunky.Those who value a simple and delicate appearance, is well advised with the fitness tracker of Dax hub. What features brings this watch with them and additional information can be found in this post.

The design of the smart watch from Dax Hub

The modern Dax hub SmartWatch is to get in three different color variations. In addition to black and green, there is also a model again in red. When designing the housing, the different versions, however, the same all have a restrained design on. This is achieved mainly thanks to a small width of 18 millimeters and a thin design of only 7.9 millimeters. This appearance suggests the smart watch are not only easy, with only 18 grams it is actually.

The bracelet and the case of the watch are made of robust and comfortable silicone. This material is skin-friendly and does not threaten to slip even with sweaty wrist. Especially in sports, this property is the fitness tracker of advantage.
The real core is however clearly the digital screen. This sits at the top of the unit and gives the watch an upscale appearance.

The technical characteristics of the watch of Dax Hub

The built-in screen of the fitness watch comes with no colors, all contents are displayed in black and white. This is also completely sufficient, due to the small size of the display would not for viewing pictures or similar image contents own. In order to call the various functions, the screen responds to the pressure of a finger.
The current necessary to illuminate the screen, comes from a 380 mAh big battery. This is sufficient to supply the clock for up to 5 days with electricity. Loading finally succeeds thanks to a hidden USB port on the side of the watch.
One of the main characteristics, so a smart watch can have full functionality, is the connectivity. For this was foreseen in the Dax hub SmartWatch Bluetooth 4.0. This type of connection is known for a high connection reliability and a low power consumption. Hereby the connection can be made to both Android and iOS devices.

The functions SmartWatch Dax Hub

Tthe LED bracelet watch is a true fitness tracker defined by Centralledwatch.com. The LED watch is achieved among other things through an integrated pedometer. This is intelligent and has a population of only actually gone steps. This property is achieved thanks to an optimized software to interpret the movements of the arm and thus analyzed, whether it is just an arm movement or a step. For more information also come an altimeter and a chronometer for use.
Thanks to the connected smartphone, the user has additional practical features available. Among other things, the carrier will be notified by the SmartWatch as soon as a message or a call is received. This information can be retrieved on the screen. Another handy feature a vibration motor is also integrated. Thanks to this, the support may be especially gentle wake.