Dating Site Creates Sperm Bank

First and only social network dedicated exclusively for beautiful people, the site Beautiful People refutes the charges that it is just another site that is futile motives and want to do their part to make the world a place a little better.

And on options to protect the macaws, defend the whales or help fight the oil spill in the North Atlantic, had no doubts: has launched an online service where beautiful people can offer to donate his sperm and thus help lacking beauty in their reproductive interests.

Still in testing phase, currently the service has only 200 members and by the end of the week it will be officially launched and will allow anyone – beautiful or not – please register. According to Gregory Hodge, director of the social network, the idea came after being contacted by several fertility clinics in recent years that “searching for contacts of beautiful people who would donate their seeds.” In this way, the page claims to have found a way “the two parts come into contact,” noting that any payment or reimbursement for donated material is something that needs to be decided between the “donor and clinic.”

“Initially we were afraid we release the service to any people. But anyone – including ugly – can bring to the world a beautiful child and we can not be selfish with our gene pool, “added Robert Hintze, founder of Beautifull People.

Founded in 2002, the social network Beautiful People became known for its policy of only accepting people “up beauty pattern” after a strict evaluation. Present in 190 countries, currently has about 600,000 members.