Cycling Under Zero: 5 Tricks

Although many of the cyclists have enough head to stay at home and give the rollers when we are under zero, there are others much more “masocas” or crazy directly that have to train or run whatever the conditions. #respect

Extreme temperatures or below zero degrees mean that you have to wear as much windbreaker and thermal garment as possible. The functionality always above the postureo please, if we are going to leave under extreme temperatures let us be serious.

Now itypeauto leaves you with 5 tips that you sure will do well if you want to go out pedaling in negative temperatures.


Dress by the limbs, hands and feet should be a priority. Take a pair of very thick rubber or neoprene boot covers as practically obligatory. Merino wool socks or some thermal fabric (and breathable above all!) Will be a great ally. For hands, “lobster” gloves – like mittens that gather half of your fingers to generate more heat – are going to be luxurious too. If the conditions are something super extreme, a Mitts bar (neoprene windscreens that fit the handlebar) can be your salvation.


As we have said before, functionality above the aesthetics always. Everyone likes to go like a paintbrush and be the one who is the coolest, but we will agree that when cycling the priorities must be other. Especially if you do not want to end hypothermia.


The cold can become very aggressive with your skin, a technical ski mask can get you out of more of a hurry, besides it is not a very expensive garment and it is good to have it even if it is only for very specific occasions, we are lucky that in Spain it is cold But it is not like other countries in Europe. If you think you do not need a balaclava you can go with a Buff® neck panties, you can put it in different ways as you want.Always wear glasses when it is cold to prevent tears and irritations.


If you are cold on your hands and feet, the rest of your body will not take long to resent. Be sure to wear a first coat technique, a thermal sweatshirt (that transpire!) Is going to be a good start, a thermal jersey on top and a windbreaker membrane jacket or a softshell on the outside. Remember that it is better to carry 3 thin coats than one coarse coarse.

As for the lower part, a mesh or thermal culotte are going to be essential, look for fabrics like windstopper or SuperRoubaix®  . If you continue to have cold legs try using thermal leggings above the culotte.


It is important that all your clothes are very breathable, because the physical exercise will make you sweat and without a good evaporation we can assure you that the cold will seize you sooner or later.

Let’s hope you put these tips into practice soon and let us know how you’ve been, and remember, if you’re still cold, pedal faster! 😉