Cycling Terms and Definitions

Breeches. French term still used by many cyclists of the old guard.


It comes from the French démarrage. It is the action of accelerating suddenly and violently to initiate a leak or the start of the race to position. It is used in Spain and in Mexico was in common use until 1980.


A rear gear combination with the front. It translates as development in meters resulting in each pedal stroke. The higher the front and rear lower gear plate has further development.


Cycling Terms and Definitions

He was also came to call derailleur, which is the correct translation of the French  derailleur and English derailer.Are the components of the transmission chain derailing to change gear in the pinion and gear dishes bottom bracket. Some people call only change front or rear.

Disco BMX

toothed plate subject to the pedals to give traction to the chain. It is used for BMX bikes, it differs from the dishes and multiplications that the disc is fastened directly to the shaft.


Paper or synthetic fiber sheet where the printed numbers identifying the runner in a race going. It is fixed with pins to maillot in the lower back or on the right side, especially for testing criterium. Mexican judges infallibly do you change places on the finish line, whatever it says the passport information of the race.


English term that refers to go to slipstream or tailgating. Triathletes brought him to Mexico and became widespread lack of a better term.


Levers comprising brake operation and gear changes.

Center shaft

Axis of the bottom bracket or multiplication. In modern bicycles it is replaced with a sealed shaft or with a fixed axis multiplication, but is still called center axis to set Hollowtech II or type MegaExo FSA bearings.


Sprinting. It is widely used for flyers or intermediate targets in track events and criteriums.


Poultice of greasy cream applied on legs against the cold. In the absence of who produces in Mexico, you can be made by mixing Vaseline (the fatty layer that insulates the cold) and eucalyptus or menthol ugüento of providing heat. It is used in cyclocross, but in races or workouts that start on cold mornings can be very convenient.


Regulars of Gustavo Serrano, who try to quit but suffer severe relapses.


When the tire front of a cyclist stick with the back of another in front, usually it ends in fall. In Spain it is said “The Sharpener” which is a great definition.

I entuercado

Go. Pedaling chain carrying a pinion gear very small, usually the nut or other very hard for the terrain that is rolled.


Pedaling on mountain climb, mountain route.


Training of cyclists to work together against the wind, making periodic relays. In other countries “fan” is said.


Action with a race finish line, maximum effort short duration of between 10 and 20 seconds is closed. It occurs mainly in the flat stages and the Criteriums when sprinters have more opportunity and are driven by brokers called launchers. A note on the proposal of the HKSAR to adopt this term to the Spanish, they propose  sprintingand sprinting for the verb, however academic scholars of the language they forgot that in the language and its terms must be consistent, so the castellanizar the term sprint, I do it with the final t.


Specialist sprints, often compete at the end of the flat stages and goals put flyers on purpose to have intermediate sprints. They are brokers who can free up a lot of watts instantaneously for a short time (say 1200w for 20 seconds).


Old way of calling on Mexico tomultiplication.
Part of themultiplication  to which the plates are screwed and connected to the connecting rods. Usually five arms; on mountain bikes and the new route has four multiplications for.
Dish multiplication, according to the National Sports School Coaches Mexico.

Carbon fiber

Incorrectly call the carbon fiber is a false cognate English from carbon fiber. since coal is coal.

Carbon fiber

According to cycling terms, synthetic fiber produced from graphite or carbon pure form. Each filament of this material is the product of thousands of filaments of carbon fiber. Steel has similar mechanical properties and lightness of plastic.


Bike Fit. It is the practice to adjust the bike to the rider ‘s anatomy. Determined by the frame size, height and saddle position, length and height of the power, the length of the handle, the length of the connecting rods and the placement of the plates or coves on shoes. So that it is a harmonious and efficient posture in terms of biomechanics. Although the practice of setting the bike there many years ago, now a scientific technical approach is given.


Action undertaking one or more cyclists to anticipate the peloton. The leak solo is one of the most difficult undertaking strategies because the rider has to fight only against the wind as if it were a time trial.