CyanogenMod Shows Us The New Home Entertainment with CID

With the transition to the new version of CyanogenMod, the ninth, have not only seen Ice Cream Sandwich as main novelty but also some minor as CID changes: the new pet that comes to replace charismatic cyan Android. Now, thanks to a video we can see how will be home with this new character animation.

This element has become in a hallmark for many Android devices. Manufacturers normally opt for clean and simple images that reinforce your brand. However, due to the customization of the system we can change it to our liking and the truth is that there is much to choose from thanks to the work of many users.

The case, CyanogenMod has already shown his new animation, as you can see in the video that he heads the post. Are many of the elements such as colors and animations, although on this occasion we have as protagonist to CID.

Though the new robot helps give more personality to CyanogenMod we miss the classic Android. However and as for taste colors, we can always change it manually if you don’t like us. Do you think you?