Curiosities About Those Kicks that Come Out of the Belly

When a baby begins to move inside the mother’s belly it is a sign that her development is normal and even more when he starts to kick, this leaves the parents and the whole family happy with the health of the little one. Curiosities About Those Kicks that Come Out of the Belly When a woman discovers she is pregnant she is thrilled to think that she will soon have a baby in her arms to care for, educate and protect. Throughout the period of pregnancy there are many changes in the mother’s body, but the biggest changes happen inside her, because a living being is in full development. Women need to do prenatal care early in pregnancy to keep up with their child’s development and they can make sure the baby is developing the right way, they can do it through the baby’s kicks.

Curiosities about the kicks in the belly

Baby Development 

The kicks in the mother’s belly indicate that the baby’s development is perfect, it rotates, moves quickly and uses the space in the mother’s belly as much as she can.

Changes to the environment

After the second trimester of pregnancy when the baby’s senses are already almost fully formed, it begins to react to different changes in the environment, such as noises, stimuli and touches. It is very common for the baby to move when her mother’s belly is caressed by someone, especially the father or even the mother.

Left side

When the mother lies down on the left side, babies usually kick more, because the little one receives more blood flow and responds by moving a lot.

After meals

Babies often kick more often after a mother feeds. This is because it responds to the movements of the mother’s body.

Kicks decrease in late pregnancy

In the third trimester of pregnancy, babies kick less, this is because they are already big and the space to move is much smaller.

When Baby Kicks Start

Pregnant women should know that they will only begin to feel the movements of their babies between the 20th and 24th weeks of pregnancy, when the uterus is already in the abdomen, near the navel region. It is important that pregnant women know that even if they do not feel it, babies begin to move from the beginning of pregnancy, but since it is too small, mothers do not feel it. Therefore, the kicks that come from inside the pregnant women’s belly are signs that the babies are very well and with their perfect development. So if you’re in this short phase your little one’s kicks.