Cropped Top Fashion Trend 2016

If you have beautiful body is to show, correct? It’s thinking like this that appeared fashion cropped. The trend inspired by the 80’s wear short blouses and tops showing the belly. The inspiration comes straight from the celebrities who have made it with the model. A great example is the beloved pop singer Madonna there in the times of Material Girl and colorful Cindy Lauper in The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough. In modernity, little changes in cropped fashion and you can invest in this type of blouse in many styles.

Cropped Top Fashion Trend 2016

Cropped Fashion with High Waist

For those who are just beginning to invest in the trend, there’s the first tip: if it is cropped, has to hide the navel.

The indication of the models is to show the belly, but stay between the region below the breasts (stomach start) and not show the navel. Show, you are well 90 there in the times of Carla Perez, when the navel piercing has become a super fever in Brazil.

And how to use then? With shorts and pants high waist is a great way to invest in the model and use two trends at the same time. Shorts and skirts high waist blouses cropped value style and play are between the sensual and elegant. It is not complicated to make this combination and shows wisdom in use, a stylish staff. You’ll do well if you know how to use. The combination of high waist cropped is a good choice with the finest fabrics. To go to parties, for example, invest in two pieces of the same color and fabric for is elegant. Example: high waist skirt straight and smooth with lace blouse, black set. With a fine or high heels, you are ready to go to a formal event and even red carpet. Famous already used with elegance and style.


Cropped Fashion Requires More Loose Blouses

If coladinha is top cropped , cool for gyms, fitness and a sports event, but not for day to day.

The cropped top belonging to casual fashion is fluffy, light and elegant, leaving the measures a little without even way. The proposal is to show a little belly and just, not too sensualize torn kind and punk.

So loose blouses are more suitable. Shorts and shorts with a mesh blouse fluffy cropped is very discreet and modern. Combine with a barrel average boot to join the punk fashion style or flat sandals for a day event. And with baggy pants jeans pant type is cool too. But in this case, invest in more cramped into models at the top to release and gain visual uniformity. It is a comfortable and equally stylish combination.

Cropped Fashion with Overlapping

Does not quite know how to use or do not have the guts to wear cropped sweaters? One tip is to invest in the overlay. In dresses, buy blouses and transparent cropped use above. A bestseller is the model for income, ideal for covering any part without error. It goes well with everything and not expensive.

But single-colored sweaters to match opposite or complementary color is also nice. Example: black dress with white cropped blouse and navy blue dress with turquoise cropped blouse. It dares in combinations such as orange cropped blouse with purple dress to highlight the look. The bolder you are, the more fashion with modernity will be.

Everyone Can Use Cropped Fashion?

Be careful only to dupe too wide. As the model should be used than normal, it is a good thing to invest in models with sleeves without the bat type. Expand other measures.