Cover of Camera Cell Phone

I hope, and creative are very good friends.
Not be if only to me or also you passed, you always want to buy a cover for the cell phone, the model I choose not there for my mobilel phone.
Since ago time was wanting a sleeve in the form of camera and I spend the same, so I said I am not going to wait any longer, I’m going to do it.
And they know the best at a very low cost and very easy to make.
They are encouraged to have their own camera model that suits them.
Later hands to our creation.

Attentive to the step with the video Tutorial:

Plastic bottle


We measure the outline of the cell and cut a strip in foamy and paste them.
Cut into foami top cell phone and let you a tab in a rectangular shape.
Taking these 2 pieces we stick them.
Now cut a circle from the CD and stick you a strip of foami into the lens.
What remains is to add the details as: brand, screws etc.
And ready!

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