Cooking in Wind and Weather

Cooking is a real art in the open air. Who has tried that yet, who can not talk the talk. Not only because the chef much improvisation and come out with little space to free in the nature the weather plays a role. Especially the wind. The chimney company has developed a new two flame stove with an innovative burner technology. As a puff of wind from the side the flame can void the otherwise already, before the herbs in the pot are landed or dropped even the camping stove.

Campingaz 600-ST 2 flame stove m. frame

How to cook in the stone age, as above to see the image that is now really over. The new camping stove from chimney is a high-quality two flame stove with sturdy frame and telescopic legs in a modern design. That leaves heights hit the heart of the chef. You will find a built-in toaster underneath the stove.

The best thing about this new grill is the Xcelerate™-burner technology. It provides an energy-efficient combustion performance even under windy conditions. The burner design has changed, it generates lower and windproof flame. Around the burners, rust is a wind block with effective wind protection. Compared to conventional combustion systems, cooking time halved as a result. One liter water boils at windless laboratory conditions at six minutes and 30 seconds. The round staircase burners with sturdy pot holders are so combined that additionally provide protection over the WindBlock system. The integrated piezo ignition makes it easier for you to light the stove. This eliminates fiddling with a cigarette lighter.

If you store the stove again, he is 78 x fold up to a format of (MxTxH) 57 x 80 cm. The legs are easily unscrewed and mounted under the stove.

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