Commercial-Free YouTube Maybe from 22.October

Rumors of a commercial-free YouTube have flourished-now suggest something on to 22. October may be the start date.

There are surely many who have been wanting for a commercial-free YouTube Edition. It is on the way says all rumors, but it is of course not free.

YouTube has according to Recode issued new contract terms to the YouTube Partner Program Members, of which it is clear that the new agreement, which refers to a commercial-free YouTube, shall be approved not later than 22. October. Approved the agreement not before 22. oktoner, will members ‘ videos will be made private and no longer be available to the public.

Recode can also report that the new commercial-free YouTube will get the name: YouTube Red, and get a price of 10 dollars a month. Included in the price was supposed to be Google Play Music Unlimited, which already cost 10 dollars a month.

Therefore, in speculation as to whether the two services will be merged in a deal, or whether Google Play Music Unlimited will get a lower price.

YouTube is expected to be presented by Google’s event Rode the 29. September, and rollout of the new service starts in the United States, allegedly for then to continue to other countries.