Coleman: Grancanyon 8

Floor MATERIAL: polyethylene 1000 d 140 g/m2 with inverted seam Roof: 185T Polyester taffeta (68 d) Dorm: 68 d polyester mosquito net and breathable Fabric for better ventilation. Structure: fiberglass (11 mm) simple and easy to assemble. Mini wiring access.

Tent Grancanyon 8 people: 4.50 (L) x 3.00 (P) x (A) 1.87 m tall in the Center

Additional: Has 1 room WeatherTec ™ System. Packed in color box. Comes with bag for transport. Reinforced zipper. Wide ventilation. Easy Assembly. Internal pockets. Coleman ® Quality. Door with double layer, with a polyester and other mosquito net screen for maximum ventilation and privacy. Tip: always use a canvas and/or gazebo above the tent at the time of the camping, it helps protect against rain.

Our tents are subject to rigorous conditions of strong winds in our test lab, so you don’t have to test them in the field. Coleman literally built a rain room in your factory, in order to provide the actual weather conditions, from a thin drizzle for a severe storm.

WeatherTec ™ System

  1. WATER-proof FLOOR-Coleman has developed a system of floor welding and floor amendments with the fabric of the tent, forming a barrier between the soil and the interior of the tent. Because there are no seams, eliminates the risk of leakage and infiltration of water inside the tent.
  2. PROTECTED SEAMS-Coleman has developed a system of sealing of seams which are exposed to while ensuring total waterproofing. In addition, these seams are basted from outside to inside, neutralizing the risk of leaks.
  3. REINFORCED STRUCTURE-the system ensures that the tent is mounted with high tension between the fastening points, ensuring better waterproofing and protection against strong winds.

Things to think about when buying a tent • people • duration of the trip and the time spent inside the tent • items that ira take (refrigerators, clothes, flashlights, backpacks, etc) • Distance to the camp that you have to take the desired space tent per person, since some campers prefer more space • space required inside the tent • the terrain , weather, temperature