Clothes That Match Your Personality

Expert “visual coherence and self magic” Youmna Tarazi help women renew and affirm their personality through their clothes. It now offers invaluable advice to readers of Biba.

Although in his head and in his skin: one should also say good in her clothes! Yes, because according Youmna Tarazi, an expert in “visual coherence and self magic”, our clothes not only allow us to feel good and in addition to assert ourselves, internally and in the eyes of others. Clearly, to be even more fulfilled and to throw it up! But good.

We also we want, we want it! But it is how Youmna?

Say, Youmna What is
Duds “that we are” Really?

Already, he must realize that man is the only mammal on earth to wear clothes. All day and even at night, they are there, against his skin, in the reflection of the mirror, the eyes of those who entournent us … So naturally, these clothes are going to influence the way we feel, to assert ourselves and the look that others will have on what emerges.

Although in his clothes, it means, therefore, feel confident, serene and fully itself, others feel necessarily. It is bright and full of energy. All our beauty is revealed. Besides, you probably feel when you put some outfits, while others on the contrary make you feel “stifled” (there rarely is at the top in the day).

Clothes and Us, So It’s a Love Story?

This is an intimate story insofar as they “stick” to our personality, our deepest being, our energy. More than fashion, they must follow our lifestyle based on Physicscat. So yes, for some it can be something very fashion but not necessarily for others. The important? It is to be totally self. And without falling into the extravagant, be self necessarily attracts attention, because it is bright, it feels good and it feels.

That’s It, “Self-magic”?

Exactly! Your look can reveal the magic within you! When I say “magic”, I hear your “beauty” and your “forces” clean. They resonate better with shapes, fabrics and colors that suit you. Moreover, the colors of the game can bring us a lot and we boost.

The Colors, boostantes? That is to say?

When we say a person it is “light” or “a real sun,” it is assumed that a person gives off what is called “light”. According Métamorphose®, a discipline in which I was trained, there are four types of lights, gold or silver, which are named after the four seasons. In each range, we find all the colors (red, blue, green, etc.), in the right “tone”, which bring to the person’s “own force”.

For example, red is known to bring dynamism, blue to help communication, green to help us to listen to our bodies … There is a multitude of reds, blues and greens, some of which will match you better, your skin, your character. Besides, I decline every week on my website and my newsletter on a color, symbolic, explaining how to use it.

But Then, How Do You Make Our Great Wardrobe?

On my site, I propose a free booklet that offers “5 keys to living your ideal outfit”. First stage ? To sort through her ​​wardrobe throwing/giving everything wrong we (held in which we feel bad, we never met, we keep “because it was a gift”). Then we find ourselves, in all kindness, there is agreement softness and is good. Being right in the head, it is necessary to then have the mind clear enough to find the right outfit.

Then you need to find your range of color (gold or silver? spring, summer, autumn or winter? Crossed by air, water, earth or fire?), the type of material that goes to your skin and cuts that you will, of the existing 3 line (for “guides”), diamond ( “Ombudsman”) and the circle (“umbrella”). Each choice will reveal a lot about your personality and allow you to assert even more, to help you feel even better.

Finally, you need to make a “recap” and understand “your dark sides” to know you better. So it is a real work in depth, through which I accompany my clients … and especially entrepreneurs, who must build an image “authentic” and adapted to the professional world at the same time.

But This, This Super Expensive Costs, Right?

It is true that this remake wardrobe, it is a cost. But 1/it can be done gradually, 2/on buying a few “safe bets” more expensive and better than tons of cheap but not right clothes, we quickly made savings, and 3/can customize our outfits, dyeing them, adding lace, etc. Once we have our “identity card”, it is up to us … and shine!