Clothes That Keep You Cool in Summer

We opt for the good materials and good cuts to stay cool and have hyper cooler.

We Opt for the Right Material

Cotton: not ideal. If big sweat, even if this natural fiber absorbs moisture very well, it does not necessarily dry up quickly and will therefore retain sweat (which develops odors).

Bamboo: good. This fiber absorbs four times more than cotton. And in addition, it is naturally antibacterial (which prevents it smells bad).

Lin: impeccable (flax can absorb 30% of its weight in water and is antibacterial). In addition, the material is naturally thermo (warm in winter, cool in summer).

Tencel®: is valid! This cellulose fiber (made from wood pulp), perfectly naturally antibacterial wicking. It is often found that material mixed with cotton in green fashion brands, but also from H&M, Zara and many more.

Synthetic: we forget. Unless it’s a high-tech synthetic with special treatment antiperspirant (Dry Uniqlo) or the label of a specialist (such as Coolmax Invista).

One Blunder to Form

Too tight, clothing keeps you warm and increases perspiration. Too wide, it is no longer in contact with the skin and is not well transport sweat. Result is cast. So we choose a T-shirt normally cut. For colors, we always opt for the clear because the black and dark colors attract heat.