Clip-On Lenses By Aukey Test: Tools For More Exciting Smartphone Photos

Clip-On Lenses By Aukey Test Tools For More Exciting Smartphone Photos

The Smartphone cameras shoot good photos, but still a big disadvantage: your lenses are prime lenses. Fortunately, there are clip-on lenses that can make your wide-angle, Fisheye – and macro shots. We tested seven lenses of Aukey clip-on.

Actually is the wide-angle lens AUKEY PL-WD03, a 3-in-1 set with 10 x-macro lens, wide angle and FishEye – and a 2-in-1 set with Fisheye – and 20 x-macro lens. The wide angle lens there either with a case for iPhone 6s or 6s plus, but a retaining clip for other smartphones is also in the Pack.

Fit To Almost Every Smartphone

With regard to the materials and the workmanship, the lenses of Aukey liked better than the set of DBPower I’ve tested about half a year ago. The single wide angle lens as well as the two sets of lenses theoretically fit on every Smartphone. Practically, there are great models, such as for example the OnePlus 2, where the camera is attached to centre and the lens does not have lens fit. This is a rare exception but, looking around here for the devices in the newsroom.

The fastest, the PL-WD03 wide-angle lens can be mounted with screw thread and the enclosed envelope to an iPhone. But she and the other lenses with just a few hand movements are assembled also to other smartphones. The sets, pushing the lens into the holder and unscrewing the wide angle lens for the 3-in-1 set to take advantage of the macro lens. At least when looking at the display you notice if the lens sits properly on the lens and must be re-adjusted. Usually enough but had a look through the lens towards the camera to position them correctly.

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Depending on the camera app, but small problems can arise. Because the clamps of the lenses ranging on the screen. Depending on camera position and surface of the camera app it may lead to as when the Galaxy A5 (2016), with which I mainly tried the lens, that the settings are hidden. You trust the camera’s automatic, don’t mind. But if you want to customize the settings, so the joy of the new perspectives can vanish quickly.

Not For Snapshots

It of Nice and brings variety to your own photo gallery to change the viewing angle of the camera, but snapshots the tested clip-on lenses are suitable for only, if they are mounted, and you hold your phone in your hand. If you installed transmits them to the Smartphone, they slip and you have to put it before recording. Although you can transport the lenses in the enclosed cloth bags well assembled, but the connection requires two hands and takes a few seconds. Fortunately, macro motives for the lucky move rarely quickly, even at wide angle or fisheye photos, one is rarely on the hunt after a snapshot.

The image quality is still primarily dependent on the Smartphone camera. The lenses ensure however all in varying degrees that the edge is out of focus. The best I like the fisheye lens from the 3-in-1 set in this context. The colors and the exposure does not change. Black corners occurred at the test Smartphone only at the single lens PL-WD03 – at least as long as I was stuck the other lenses do not have the Selfie camera.

Conclusion: Game Stuff

The single wide angle lens PL-WD03 with iPhone-case 25.99 euros at Amazon. The 3-in-1- and the 2-in-1 set cost $12.99 each. Still the case for the iPhone is the single wide angle lens, but in the quality of the images, I see no reason why one double more than that they should pay for one of the sets. In the face of a lens more, I recommend the 3-in-set that offers the most options.