Clear Santa Orange Outperforms to Galaxy Nexus

The Clear Santa Orange could see him a few days ago in the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and although he left a very good impression, it has not raised any expectation that it probably deserves.

This new device from the French operator operates under the platform Intel Medfield, architecture-based x 86 and call to be hardware with better performance on mobile devices, something that has begun to show with a few benchmarks has been subjected to those from Germany and that outperforms some high end current.

According to the Director of such tests, the Clear Santa Orange was working with processor 1.4 GHz, and using the application “ Vellamo ” Qualcomm, which brings together eleven different performance, device testing it surpassed in score to many devices in the noble zone in the Android range, including the Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

In addition, they also conducted with the device a test of BrowserMark, application that performs an assessment to the response of the terminal in navigation with Javascript and HTML, where even outperformed the iPhone 4S.

Obviously, we already know that the benchmarks they are not reliable data of the behavior of a device in everyday use, even if you serve to give a feeling of where you have a smartphone benchmark.

In this case, the Clear Santa Orange and Intel Medfield they are in a very good place, Although we should still see far would come the phone’s battery using this configuration. What seems clear is that Intel also wants to stand up Nvidia, Qualcomm and other manufacturers in the growing mobility market.