Classic Wedding Favors

Wedding souvenirs are essential in the party, with them the grooms can give their guests and also use them as a decoration for the party.

Many times the couple finds it difficult to choose the souvenirs due to the immense amount of objects that can be offered to the guests or the godparents.

So we separate some items that are classic and can be part of the ceremony and are always welcome at any wedding.

Classic Wedding Favors
Classic Sweets
The sweets are classic elements in a marriage, before that, it is natural that most newlyweds bet this item as detail of decoration and even as souvenir.

A sweet tip that can be used as wedding souvenirs are the almonds, an option to innovate and not only offer an option of a flavor is to create several custom flavors and still put them in special packaging.

An item also quite classic is to offer a pot or even a can with candy inside, of the most varied types, an option is to put assorted or colored candy to give a highlight to the souvenir.

The brigadeiro also in addition to being traditional in all the celebrations also deserves its space in the wedding via, before this, the grooms can bet on this item.

To give a special touch and get away from the ordinary, make different packages or create pots, or even make applications to give a different look, but deep down is also delicious.

The sugared jelly beans can also serve as a souvenir, an example is to create jars with sweets. It is still possible to use porcelain pots or even metal cans and use a ribbon to give the finishing touch.

Some well-groomed candies, cupcakes and tartlets are also classic options to give the special touch to souvenirs, so try to use different packages.

Another option also classic, are the candies in small pots that can already be eaten on occasion with spoon. An alternative is to use a clear glass box, or put a candy inside.