Christmas Gift Home

The Christmas season is upon us and the list of gifts already can begin to be organized, don’t you think? For those who like and love win cool stuff for the House, warning: this post will leave you dying to make that transformation in your favorite corner.

Split up some ideas to give away (or order, of course) between posters, stickers and wallpapers, all beautiful, stylish and colorful at
Choose your gift and enjoy to send the link pro boyfriend/father/mother/godmother as that indiretinha.

For anyone who has a child at home
You know those cute things that you just want to squeeze them? This is the children’s collection of designer Elen Peres, exclusive to the Kola. Are posters, stickers and wallpapers that will leave the little freaks. CLICK HERE to learn about all the products.

For who is a fan of Bia Perotti
If you follow the findings, know that our dear Bia has just signed an amazing collection of wallpapers. Are patterns and ideal for who wants to let the cool environment and full of style. CLICK HERE and take a look at the entire collection, you will be in love, as we were! < 3

For those who need to organize more in 2016
You are one of those who need the commitments and duties well before my eyes? The Kola has really cool stickers to help you organize better. Adhesives-calendars are practical and still leave your study or Office corner even more cool. CLICK HERE to view all options of adhesives in Blackboard.

For those in love with illustration
Like to meet different artists, trace and color combinations? How about filling the House of stylish posters developed by Kola? CLICK HERE to see all the other arts.

For those who love to travel
Daydreaming with the countries that are still outside of your Passport? Decorate the headboard of your bed with the maps of Kola stickers. In two models, they are great attention points in any decorating project, in addition to express the personality of the residents. So, what the next destination?