Christmas Decorations

Continuing our tips for a much more sustainable Christmas, but give two more step by step for you to leave your home beautiful and ready for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus.

The first is for you to hang on your tree and gets a charm.

Bottle Corkscrew

The materials needed for the reindeer ornament are: used stoppers, chenille rods (brown pipe cleaner), red beads, toy eyes, hot glue and clips.

First paste a beads into one of the bases of the cork, this will be the nose of our reindeer. Once done, take the chenille and take two turns at the opposite end of where you glued the beads.

Model it to be the reindeer’s horns. After that, take the toy eyes and glue the sides of the cork with glue and then take the clips and tap the cork at the end of the horns, fold it and make the hook. Ready, a beautiful and simple ornament to make.

Fabric Snowman

Here at, this is another Christmas option we bring, a snowman made of fabrics and socks that you no longer use. It’s great for sprucing up work environments and dining tables at supper time, they are delicate and charming.

It will be necessary: ​​a white sock with high; a baby sock; two used tennis balls; remnants of fabric, ribbons or string; buttons; hot glue, stylus, pen and cola with glitter. Take one of the tennis balls and with the aid of a stylus cut a small cap, that will be the side of the ball that is cut will be the base of the snowman – that will keep him standing.

Put the two balls inside the sock, knot them so they do not go out and then do the hat. For him he can use a small piece of fabric or a baby stocking. Tie a piece of cloth from some old T-shirt, colored between one tennis ball and another. This will be the scarf of your snowman. To finish paste the buttons, with hot glue, to make the eyes, nose and detail of the doll’s “clothing”. The more colorful the buttons are and the more diverse in sizes, the better.