Check Out the Maxi Trend Earrings

The Blogger Escarlyatte Lazar Spoke About The Trend And Gave Tips On How To Use It

After the boom of the maxi necklaces, comes the turn of maxi earrings, a bet for those who want to innovate in Accessories, without having to exaggerate the amount. In the Combined last Saturday, 30, reporter Fernanda Pinheiro hit a chat with Blogger Escarlytte Kurniawan, who talked about this trend that can be used in many different environments, from the most formal to the most deprived.

They Excel in any look, for being a differentiated piece and do not require Add-ons, being the great detail of the composition. The maxi earrings arrived during the summer at, where the use of few clothes asked a special add-on, but still with all the fall/winter, for bringing a folk air and stripped, with feathers, fringe, chains, fabrics, sparkles and pedrarias.

The blogger Escarlyatte Lazar spoke about the arrival of this trend and gave tips on how to use it in many different looks. “You don’t even have to wear a necklace, earring, calls attention to itself.So that’s the main tip to not err: use the earring give the highlight for him and if you want to give more prominence, use a flat part on top, then you can get him to call more attention”.

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