Check Out the 10 Best Headphones from Sony in Brazil

Sony is one of the top manufacturers of headphones in the world and is strong in this segment also in Brazil.There are models available for all tastes, whether headsets, dampers, wireless or wired.

Six tips not to break the headset and use it for longer.

Prices can also vary widely, so if you are looking for a brand new Japanese brand handset, you are likely to find one that fits your budget.Check out the best Sony headphones on the national market and choose the right one for you.


Discreet and with a price more in account, R $ 57, this in-ear model has a 9mm neodymium driver, 8Hz-22kHz frequency response and power of 100 mW.It is a great template for those who do not like to draw much attention with accessories.The cable length is 1.2 m.


The main difference of this model to the previous one is the integrated microphone, those who wish to have this resource will have to pay a further R $ 43, the accessory comes out for R $ 99.The accessory has the same dimensions and settings as the MDR-EX15LP.


Ideal for those who enjoy good audio quality and comfort, but without having to make a high investment, the MDR-ZX110 is a headphone priced well in R $ 120.Its configurations also do not leave to be desired, the dynamic driver of 30mm, that allows a good rhythmic response.There is even integrated control and microphone and padded design, which provides comfort and sound isolation.The frequency range is 12Hz-22kHz.


The model has a very attractive, foldable and lightweight design.The comfort provided by padded protection allows for many hours listening to your favorite playlist, without noise interference and enhanced bass, great for long trips.The dynamic driver is 30mm, which balances the bass and provides a high sound power, since the frequency range is 10Hz-24kHz.The plug is gold plated, increasing the sound quality.The price on Sony’s official website is $ 179.


Available for more than two years in Brazil, the SBH20 is a simple Bluetooth headset but with enough qualities to attract the attention of those looking for better audio quality.Made to connect with the cell phone which is from, the handset comes with NFC technology for quick pairing, and Bluetooth 3.0 to save battery even if it is always connected.In our review , its performance pleased, presenting constant performance in music reproduction for between 4 and 5 hours.The model can be found for $ 230.

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This headphone has the practicality of being wireless, promoting connection with smartphone via NFC and bluetooth.Its sleek design provides comfort with padded protection, its foldable and swivel structure makes it easy to carry the accessory, which weighs about 150 g.Sony promises that the battery will last for 30 hours and recharge via USB.In the technical specifications, we can mention the dynamic driver of 30mm and frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz.Those who are interested in the product will disburse around R $ 550.


Also with 1,000 milliwatts of power, the Sony MDR-10R stands out as the brand’s cheapest built-in muffler and microphone in Brazil.With this, you can not only use it to listen to music, but also to answer calls from the cell phone and play games online with friends.

The model also comes with a noise filter equipped in the structure, capable of generating a cleaner sound in any environment.Its price can vary between R $ 500 and R $ 1 thousand, depending on the store and payment condition.


Although not as powerful as wired models, the Sony MDR-XB950BT is one of the most stylish wireless headphones on the market.Its structure is lightweight and beautiful, with adjustable headband for added comfort.

The handset features improved bass tuning and improved noise filter, plus a Bluetooth or NFC connection with the smartphone.The user can also answer calls without touching the phone.Its price is not low, costing between R $ 770 and R $ 950 in Brazilian online commerce.


If you’re willing to spend a little more for a wireless headset to gain performance, it pays to pay attention to the MDR-10RBT.With the same advantages of the MDR-XB950BT, this version is much more powerful, despite being wireless: it reaches up to 1,000 milliwatts of maximum power.The investment can reach up to R $ 1,200, depending on the store and the way of payment – with luck, it is possible to acquire it for R $ 900.

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MDR-1A / B

Sony’s most expensive headset in Brazil is the brand’s most powerful headset.It does not bring advanced connection features as it brings common P2 cable;nor design, as it has the same look as cheaper models.However, it offers up to 50% more power than any other member of the Sony headphones family, reaching 1,500 milliwatts.

It is enough to listen to music with clear sound even in very noisy environments, performance aided by sound insulation also effective.To buy it, it is necessary to pay between R $ 1,500 and R $ 1,700.