Celebrities Show off Their Jeans Styling

Anna Loos

The actress Anna Loos,35, lives with her husband Jan Josef Liefers and her daughter Lilly in Berlin

“I would not be able to live with just one pair of jeans.”Anna Loos 

Anna Loos is wearing a blue carrot jeans from Stella McCartney for H&M, about 60 euros. Top from H&M, about 13 euros.

To wear morning jeans is like brushing my teeth” Anna Loos White jacket in linen with frills by Closed, about 640 euros. Jeans: H&M, about 60 euros. Shoes: Baldinini. Hat: H&M.

“I want to put on a lot of fun and jeans make me great fun.”Anna Loos

For her, jeans are a piece of relaxed normality. Grounded and not at all turned off. As. Stonewashed, Anna Loos began her career as a singer. There followed roles in”Anatomy” or”The Mambospiel”. For the”crime scene” the 35-year-old now and then plays with her husband Jan Josef Liefers before the camera.The common daughter Lilly has-it’s a surprise-even some jeans in the closet. Black jacket and jeans from H&M, about 30 and 60 euros. Belt: ina.seifart. Shoes: Beverly Feldman.

Jeanette grove

In the TV series”Up to the Top” plays Jeanette Hain, 36, the hairdresser Niki. Also privately she cuts her son Jonas, 15, the hair

“In a chamber of my heart is the Wild West, and who wants to feel like a cowgirl needs a jeans” Jeanette Hain

Jeanette Hain carries on all sides a jeans from Closed, about 220 euros. Black coat: RedGreen, approx. 260 Euro. Navy colored dress: Closed Denim Couture, Price on request. Waistcoat: H&M, about 30 Euro. Pumps: Pura Lopez. Chain: H&M.

Dress: Closed Denim Couture, Price on request. Waistcoat: H&M, about 30 Euro. Pumps: Pura Lopez. Chain: H&M.

“Every woman wears a little diva, she just needs to be kissed” Jeanette Hain

White top with printed feather and jeans by Closed, approx. 100 and 220 Euro.

“Imagine you have something to do and never want to take it off again because you feel so happy in it.” Jeanette Hain

Usually it is love at first glance: She sees one and finds it simply beautiful. Casual, fatal jeans meetings are that, says Jeannette Hain. In her role as a hairdresser Niki in the Sat.1 series”To the top” the 36-year-old left fashionably less to chance. Niki was usually so peeled from the egg, that one on the set for a long time wondered whether she should wear jeans. She was allowed. From the end of February, Jeanette Hain will be on stage at the Bochumer Schauspielhaus in the play”Der ideale Gatte” by Oscar Wilde. Ballerina dress by H&M, approx. 50 Euro. Jeans: Closed, about 220 euros. Shoes: Converse.

Ulrike Kriener

In more than 70 TV and cinema films, Ulrike Kriener, 51, has been shown, among others, in Doris Dörrie’s”Männer”

” Ulrike Kriener
、Ulrike Kriener wears a jeans from Closed, about 150 euros. Knitted coat by Iris von Arnim, approx. 830 Euro.

“Whether long or short, in tube or rock form: Jeans accompany me through life, a piece of everyday life.” Ulrike Kriener

Ulrike Kriener’s relationship with jeans is uncomplicated. She always finds the pair that fits to her quite quickly, says the 51-year-old. Hours of riding in the cabin? Is not with her. Just as little as cut or torn jeans. She’s out of age, she says. This could be argued. From April on, Ulrike Kriener will be seen again as Commissioner Lukas on ZDF-also in jeans, of course. Coat of Schumacher, about 550 euros. Jeans: Closed, about 150 euros. Shoes: Closed. Ulrike Kriener

Gerit Kling

Gerit Kling, 40, began her career together with her sister Anja. Together with their families, the two live at Potsdam

“It makes you look chic or sporty, cool or sweet-depending on how you combine them.” Gerit Kling

Gerit Kling wears a Replay jeans on all photos, about 135 euros. Brown top of Schumacher, about 250 euros. Bracelets: H&M.

“I confess, I have a jeans-macke, and never enough of them in the closet, I prefer to go three times less than to do without the perfect jeans.”Gerit Kling

Gerit Kling wears jeans on all photos of Replay, about 135 euros. Brown top of Schumacher, about 250 euros. Bracelets: H&M.

Even tailor-made she has her jeans with 16 at east times. After all, you could not go straight into the shop and buy a cool pair of jeans. So Gerit Kling and her sister Anja had to spice up the blue pants of the GDR youth fashion-jeans replacement. Meanwhile, the 40-year-old buys particularly passionate jeans, more than a dozen hanging in her closet. Luckily, she is often allowed to slip into her favorite piece of clothing, for example as an investigator in”Not without my lawyer”. Trenchcoat in beige by Cinque, about 300 euros. Top from Schumacher, about 140 euros. Vest of Schöngeist, it is 5 before 12, about 170 euros. Jeans: Replay, about 135 euros. Sandals: Unprotected.