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Men’s Style Roundup July

The roundup issues at the end of a month are for me beside the salary entrance a clear signal that the month is now really already rum. This time it was a very special month for me. I have celebrated my 30th birthday. But honestly, I do not feel so much older. So do not worry, the thematic orientation of will remain the same in the future. Continue reading

Swiss Watch Frederique Constant Icon Comes to Brazil

The newest Slimline watch Automatic Heart Beat, Frederique Constant, just arrived at Brazil. The release is part of a collection that Slimline is one of the great icons of the brand. In addition, the model presents the Heart Beat, an innovation created in 1994 by the manufactures, which shows the balance wheel in operation. Continue reading

Bomberg Launches Models Reminiscent of Pocket Watches in Brazil

The retro wave brought back major trends from the past, pocket watches, in the early 20th century, were indispensable items for all gentlemen, resurface in new modern and unusual version. Always attentive to the world trends, the Swiss watchmaking Bomberg lost no time, patented a system that allows you to transform the wristwatch in a Pocket model with more contemporary reading to Brazil. Continue reading

Apple Smartwatches

Once again, there is a large conference of All ThingsD’s colleagues, who are, of course, the great figures of the industries that are of interest to us. Among other things, Tim Cook was now talking, the current boss of Apple and therefore successor of the legendary Steve Jobs. Of course, Cook was also questioned about the competition called Google. He gave interesting statements, which were partly but not to be expected. Continue reading

LG Announces the G Watch R

People, the smart watches (or smartwatches) are the new sensation of the moment, isn’t it? There are now several models on the market, from Samsung, LG, Motorola and, according to various rumors, coming soon to Apple, you’re going to have your. But one thing they all have in common: they look more like mini smartphones than even watches. However, the LG wants to change that. Want to know how? Comes with Lu. Continue reading