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Wonder Woman Abandons the Swimsuit

New comic book character clothes appear in comic book number 600

Wonder Woman is more conservative in the way she dresses.They say that she walks more chic and elegant, since it shows less the body.The novelty is a creation of the designer Jim Lee, also co-editor of DC Comics, responsible for the publication of heroin comic books. Continue reading

Eres Swimwear Online Store

Are you still looking for the model of perfect summer swimsuit? If you already have it, you want an original model? Eres is the brand need you. If you want to adopt a look both stylish and sexy on the beach, choose a swimsuit woman eras. Models are available discounted on merchant sites like Modz or even empty Dressing.

A reference in the swimsuit of luxury, for summer 2012, the sign offers a neat and natural collection. The luxury swimwear is the centerpiece of the brand for more than 40 years. It is only since 1998 that ERAs began in lingerie. Strong experience and an exceptional skill, each year the brand offers us beautiful and high quality models. Continue reading

How to Choose a Micro Bikini

When you want fun in the Sun at the beach, you need the perfect swimsuit. A type of revealing swimwear is the string, also called the bikini micro bikini. If you choose a micro bikini, there are a few things you need to seek to make the bikini just for your body. All micro bikinis are not similar.


1. make sure you body and find the faults that you might want to hide. It didn’t matter if your body is really perfect, but if you consider flaws, you will not be comfortable. If you find some minor areas, to find a suit that covers these areas. Continue reading

Tips for Buying Plus Size Swimwear

Get in swimsuit is just as difficult as one is of normal size or round. But when you take up your forms and thumbed his nose at your surroundings, dare without restraint the size tankini that always rage on our beaches. The sites offer you beautiful models pants beach with or without. Thus you will discover on VS Lingerie (website: Our site *) and La Redoute (site Our site *) cool ideas large tankini to match with a sarong to sublimate your curves and make you comfortable along the way.

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H&M Summer Swimwear Reviews

H & M, swimwear Summer 2014. The Swedish giant economic fashion launches its beautiful beachwear line, a collection of costumes in all the most beautiful forms, from classic triangle bikini with a bandeau models which in recent years have increasingly Popular, without forgetting bikini with push-up cups, trikini and swimsuits. H & M to the mix also adds a vibrant color choice, so room for articles uni united in pastel tones but also to multicolor patterns or printed equally glamorous.

Wholesaleably is very skilled in following the trends of the moment, there he proved with his clothing collection Spring / Summer 2014, one of the most attractive on the international fashion scene. Despite being a brand specializing in low cost clothing, H & M finds a way to adapt the coolest trends and must-have of the period to leaders who do not quite know how to go unnoticed.

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Bikini Lovers

Bikini Lovers shows us his new and exciting collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2013, a very lively and jaunty line, suits fashion lovers who adore daring focusing on colors and impactful forms. The Bikini Lovers summer 2013 collection invests in fact on some of the coolest trends that are marking the young fashion collections for the summer season: the fluorescent colors, printed patterns and in particular the floral and camouflage missed last period.Nevertheless, there are more chic and sophisticated touches, romantic inserts and forms less showy.

The collections of swimwear for summer 2013 are a bit ‘all based on a choice of colors and bold patterns and character, we saw him perusing the proposed images such as La Perla, which also added to mix unusual shapes and very original, but also in more purely youth lines like those badged Calzedoniaand Golden Point which, however, have not given up on vintage touches and good taste.

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Swimwear Parah Summer

Here are pictures of the proposed huge Parah for swimwear designed for the Summer 2011. We speak of a very varied line, including costumes whole, bands, bikini, triangles and cups, sees develop an idea of different femininity depending on your needs, taking advantage of all the must haves and fashion trends of the moment, in bright colors combined in the imagination of the year, the color block, the models in which to dominate is a trend more classical, not to mention the lines and tints dedicated to customers from more aggressive, even rock some ways. In short, there is something for all tastes.

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How to Look Attractive on the Beach with Bikinis

Every woman dreams that seem attractive at any time, in any situation, anywhere … On the beach as well.

To help women comes huge “army” of various cosmetics, beauty treatments, fashion novelties. So if we are talking about how to look attractive on the beach should take care to choose a swimsuit.

First, bathing is to emphasize the dignity of the figure, hiding flaws. But, moreover, must be fashionable swimsuit.

So, what will be fashionable swimwear spring-summer? On this question, we will try to answer the most detailed.

Thus, the designers from made sure to provide the women of fashion swimwear collections incredible variety of shapes, colors and fabrics.

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