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Style Guide:Sports Shoes and clothing Trend for Female

The sports style out of the academies, passed through the walkways and invading the streets marking presence looks unpretentious. The result? Muiiito comfort and style to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Want to know how to use the sports trend in everyday life? Check out the tips that the fashion and image consultant Suh Riediger prepared: Continue reading

8 Ways to Incorporate the Tennis in Your Visual

Think tennis is only for use at the gym, or to get some exercise? You’re wrong! These shoes can be incorporated into different looks from day to day and even help to leave more sophisticated pieces that you rarely uses more casual and more practical.
Check out some tips on how to use your sports footwear with the clothes that are in your wardrobe: Continue reading

Style Tips for Men Casual Sports

The blog begins a series of postings about style. Today the Tip to look is for the casual sports man. You know women and men are learning that every situation – work, school, Church, Mall-needs different parts. The by clicking here you can check out the tips of the elegant contemporary man. Continue reading

7 Tips For Using Football Shirt with Style

Many men do not abandon your football shirt. They are a major brand, show a lot of personality. In General, are reflections of passion and a way to print your mark on the world.

Despite this, they are seen by many people as a horrible piece of fashion and that should not be part of the Cabinet, except to go to the stadium. None of this! You can get this football shirt of the wardrobe and enjoy our tips! Continue reading

Neoprene Fashion Trend Conquers the World Fashion

He is already flirting with the fashion world, it is today, because it’s, like, in this winter season, save that name, the neoprene, promises to be one of the stars of the season, he always had his name attached to the water sports, jumped from the water directly to the catwalks, becoming protagonist in closets fashionistas, only in the form of dresses, straitjackets finally, of course, the stakes in this fabric is reinforced by the strong tendency, which appeared in the latest national and international collections.
For those who are not calling “the person”, the neoprene is a synthetic rubber type originally developed to replace natural rubber, being used initially in diving suits, by their isothermal property, however, it didn’t take long to win acceptance, and is used in other branches of industry, today even looks stripped and luxury.

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Gym Wear for Men

Everyone wants to go to the gym with comfortable clothing without sacrificing elegance. A sport requires comfortable garments made from fabrics that breathe the skin, and that with its accessories, allow us to run our business, in full freedom. Not to underestimate the clothing to use in training, we can give you some advice about how he should dress in a man’s gym.

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How to Choose Sports Clothing

Physical activity is essential to our health, but we know to choose the right clothes for these occasions?

Many attribute the sportswear of fundamental importance from the point of view of aesthetics: just being fashionable. Often you don’t think convenience and practicality of garments which are in contact with our most intimate parts and those suitable for exercises to be carried out, but rather to be “trend”. Nothing further from the truth because the garments worn for example in the gym should first be comfortable and allow freedom of movement. The consequences of this “approach” to the sporting disciplines are repellants: If you are using a fabric made primarily of plastic, example, you can easily reach out to dermatitis, eczema or allergic reactions, especially in sports where you sweat a lot. These problems manifest themselves with burning, itching and redness of the skin, but that’s not all: an overlooked or not treated properly, can degenerate into a fungal infection, skin infection very difficult to eradicate.

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