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Tailored with AW Bauer-Part I

Is it that we childishly interested in tailoring and craftsmanship behind a tailor-made product has not infrequently a garment from Swedish AW Bauer on the wish list. The old tailor’s Studio at Brunnsgatan in Stockholm last year, celebrated 150 years of quality and craftsmanship of the highest level. At the end of last year launched a new business partner for their custom shirts and we had the opportunity to evaluate the service. Continue reading

This Week’s Outfit

Gray and black in all the glory, but it works out to be colorful even in autumn. I have to my outfit chosen to highlight classic garments that in combination with each other creates a great mix. The outfit is inspired by both traditional English fashion, but at the same time, the more casual Italian, which to me is not a contradiction. Imagine a little Berkshire meets Bolzano. Continue reading

Manolo on Indie Fashion Fair in Copenhagen

After going through all the booths at the main fair, CPH Vision, we put ourselves in a taxi and go to the considerably smaller Exhibition Gallery. At this trade fair is the only Scandinavian design, and all compulsive and crowds from the main fair is blown away.
At CPH Vision, to dismiss nine of ten booths as either dammontrar or just pure junk. Here at the Gallery, it is certainly very Lady, too, but the Mr collections are really good. Continue reading

Style Tips for Men Casual Sports

The blog begins a series of postings about style. Today the Tip to look is for the casual sports man. You know women and men are learning that every situation – work, school, Church, Mall-needs different parts. The by clicking here you can check out the tips of the elegant contemporary man. Continue reading

Ask Manolo: How Much Cotton Should It Be?

Hi I have a question about the t-shirts. What material should I choose when you buy a t-shirt? It is 100% cotton that apply or? Read on the page about a company that printed the t-shirts, our site, but their t-shirts are apparently made of 50/50 polyester/cotton. It is worse with those t-shirts or? All t-shirts I have at home is 100% cotton. Continue reading

Background: Velour

1997 hit the store Nostalgia doors in Gothenburg. The concept was to combine different clothing styles from different decades in an inspiring environment of art and design.Nostalgia became more and more a meeting point for the city’s ever-expanding indie scene, and an inspirational cornerstone for the creation of the brand Velour.
The rest is history, as they say. Continue reading

7 Tips For Using Football Shirt with Style

Many men do not abandon your football shirt. They are a major brand, show a lot of personality. In General, are reflections of passion and a way to print your mark on the world.

Despite this, they are seen by many people as a horrible piece of fashion and that should not be part of the Cabinet, except to go to the stadium. None of this! You can get this football shirt of the wardrobe and enjoy our tips! Continue reading

About Linen Shirt

During the autumn we grazed by a few of the winter wardrobe cornerstones and spring very much upon us, it is only right that we look more closely at some of the upcoming season’s classics. Today, we focus on one of the more casual but oh-so-stylish choices one can cover a tanned torso with during the summer, namely linen shirt. Continue reading