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Fashion for Mature Women

To be always beautiful and stylish for any occasion, the idea is to always highlight the strengths and disguise the weak. This is a rule. It should be even sharper for more mature women. Yes, there are some parts that need a lot of caution when continue being incorporated into the wardrobe of them, an example is the mini skirt. That way, Yes, to continue using, but now in a different way. Want to know how? See below, fashion tips for mature women: Continue reading

The Fashion of Colored Jeans Shirt for Men

Hello Readers,

The Jeans is a very versatile fabric, found in several parts that make the head of fashionistas. One of the pieces that came back with everything was the jeans shirtand, to innovate even more and make the men more beautiful, the new collection of Conscience Jeans brings the colored jeans shirts. Continue reading

Tailored Trousers from Sartoria Corcos-Part II

Last week, you could read about when we wrote about the tailor’s Sartoria Corcos from Florence. We outlined the process when two pairs of pants were sewn up by the company’s skilled tailors Kotaro Miyahira. After a number of testing landed to finish the pants at the home of the author who today will share their personal experiences and thoughts on the outcome. Continue reading

Style Tips for Men Casual Sports

The blog begins a series of postings about style. Today the Tip to look is for the casual sports man. You know women and men are learning that every situation – work, school, Church, Mall-needs different parts. The by clicking here you can check out the tips of the elegant contemporary man. Continue reading

New Rear Zippered Jeans Divide Opinions on Social Networks

The release of a rear zippered jeans has generated controversy on the web.Netizens were divided between those who celebrated fashion innovation and those who criticized what they considered a novelty in bad taste.Fruit of the collaboration between the brands Levi’s and Vetements, the piece brings the apparent seam, a zipper on each leg and another in the middle of the back of the pants. Continue reading

Levi’s 501 Skinny: the Classic Has Got an Update

Levi’s 501 Skinny: Classic cut meets tight leg

No matter how many times magazines have already written the end of the skinny jeans(yes, we also…), no matter how many times percussions, the boyfriend cut or carrot trousers  have already been hailed by bloggers and it-girls as the latest supertrend : The skinny jeans remain the first pants choice for most women.  And that’s why everyone is so happy about this news from Levi’s: With the 501 Skinny, there is now a new pair of jeans that combines the classic look of the 501(including the button-top strip) with a tight-cut leg. The jeans are in the Destroyed-Look, in dark wash, in slightly washed black or in a brighter wash-for men as well as for women, with prices between 110 and 120 Euro. Continue reading