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Men’s Jeans Jackets for the Rock in Rio

ELLUS completes 45 years of history – created in 1972 by Nelson Alvarenga, currently the brand has creative direction of Adriana Bozon and since 2008 is part of the portfolio of brands of the holding Inbrands – and is launching denim jackets that honor Route 66, one of the great symbols of rock. Continue reading

Women’s Hooded Jackets

For the winter season there is nothing better than a good sweater. These serve to keep body temperature warm, insulate all heat possible and keeps for a long time. The coats and jackets are so essential for the cold season. To choose the correct we should look for models that we like them, we like colors and styles that are fashionable. This accessory in many coats that never go out of style is the hood, this in addition to often bring more beauty to the model, just protecting who uses the low temperature in the face, because it helps protect against cold winds and temperature isolation in the area. Continue reading

The Season’s Available Outer Garments

We have dealt with the classic paletån and go with the outer coat but for those who know that the days of the Blazer and suit is lätträknade, we also have options for a well-dressed everyday life in a freer interpretation. Depending on the temperature and climate, there are plenty of nice options that keep the style during the winter months. Continue reading

[look from Mai] Pink Coat-Fofinhooo! -of Shein

Nothing like that Sun delight accompanied by a cool breeze, right? Particularly, I love days like this! Besides, looks half-are the most delicious of produce-short let the legs out and, in counterpoint, covering your arms with a light jacket and comfortable. Love, love! Continue reading

Spring Look With Leather Jacket

In the end he is at the end… Pardon dear Jecken, fools and other Carnival, carnival, fastnacht-trailers. But I am really happy that the 5th season is over.

 I can not do anything with it-I do not like to dress up-or do not like it anymore. And finally, the danger is banned that the children could be invited to carnival parties. Every year anew the new costume, which is now announced and then it goes to buy…Because unfortunately, they grow up, uh the children out of all available costumes until next year. And with ebay are basically only panels in other sizes to be found. My children are the total mainstream. But I do not want to lament-it is eaten, the Faschingsgedöns and the donuts and the Fasting has begun. And this year, I’m trying to get involved. My outfit is inspired by the approaching spring-all in light blue with leather jacket. But without sweaters it’s not yet. Continue reading

Odd Blazer With Jeans

Hi Manolo! First I would like to take this opportunity to thank for a great blog! Since my question; I’ve been looking around a lot but I can’t find a good vårkavaj-do you have any good tips for a student’s wallet? And now that summer is approaching, it is sensible to invest in a full suit and make use of the jacket with a pair of jeans for a living? Grateful for answers! Continue reading

How to Sew a Hoodie Jacket

The time has come-the new hoodie pattern RILEY is now online! With thestars Neon Hoodie my Kleenen I had made ​​you pretty hot (and I myself was also quite keen on), so I grabbed the Liv-shirt, made ​​some changes and adapt it to a Hoodie for us Large, Besides Partnerlook version from the last post here also a cool neon part arose.

This we had to also really “Ghetto Underground-standard” pictures-in an underpass with us around the corner. That was really fun!

For that extra bit of coolness figures in college sweater style care. For that I have just used the neon green back from the sweat and by this method applied.

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Fashion Tricks to Make You Look Slimmer

Fashion can be an ally to help women balance the proportion of the body. It is not always happy with his time, and who is very low or high the choice of ideal clothes can be a real challenge. If you want to earn cm or visually lose some, some fashion tricks can help you (and pretty!).

Fashion tricks for “shorties”

Set on the scale

For those who have short stature is best to avoid anything that is too wide or bulky, because they let the silhouette out of balance.When you use a large part, that’s because the size is wrong or because she’s purposefully bulky, just expanding the body laterally.The best is to bet in most tissues and fluids and they are well adjusted.

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Latest Fashion Tips for Ladies

If you expected a 2016 fashion irreverent as we have seen in recent years, can come later. This will be the most conservative and traditional fashion period ever seen. There is a post modernism abandonment in fashion and a strong tendency to return to the classics for inspiration in the high couture of the last century and the traditional and minimalist walking quite at hand. You can drop a little extravagance and stay with the traditional.

Fashion Tips 2016 for the Use of Jeans

After the strong wave of colored jeans, one of the biggest bets among the 2016 fashion tips is the traditional jeans wash. Blue jeans 70s style back with everything in at least five shows last fashion week. The focus on traditional washing is so strong that the giant TNG launched an entire collection based on the past with luxury and modern cuts.

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