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Simple Decorated Nails

Nail models with simple decorations – step by step

Decorated nails are at an all-time high for a while and every day appear more news. However, not always these decorations that have seen trend are the easiest to reproduce at home without going to the manicure. If you want to learn simple options to do it alone, check out the walkthrough below: Continue reading

Pens of Konad to Remove Cuticle

Konad Cuticle Remover Pen-

The female beauty rituals involve many things and, especially, to achieve them it takes time, patience and dedication, which so often lacking for many women. With the rush of everyday life, do all these things, how to hydrate the body and hair, shaving, take care of the cuticles, hydrate them and painting her nails. Continue reading

Holographic Hair Care

The colored hair are already doing to people’s minds for some time and new staining techniques arise all the time. The color of the time is the holographic hair. Following the trend of this effect on clothing, shoes and accessories, the holographic hair brings pastel colors, the colors violet, pink, green and blue, to create a super shiny effect and mesmerizing. Continue reading

Tune Up Your Nose and Face with Makeup: Tips Step by Step

Tune Up Your Nose And Face With Makeup-Tips Step By Step

How to tune the nose with makeup is a question that continues to be made. Most women want to be with a thin nose, less wide or upturned and don’t know how.Plastic surgery is a way to sharpen the nose, but in addition to the high cost, the invasive that is difficult for most people, so many of them appeal to the makeup. Continue reading