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Why I Choose Yoga

I choose to practice yoga because it is intelligent training.

For that, it is an exercise that goes beyond the physical performance and calories burned, and which integrates the many aspects of being alive.

Everything we do, think and feel manifests in the body and in our relationships. Where else? During my yoga revealed patterns of posture, breathing and how I move – how I carry my body. It teaches me how to breath, eyes focus and muscle tension is tightly intertwined with the right thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

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Brazil Defines BMX Selection for Test Event in Rio

Preparing for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) defined the Brazilian representatives at the BMX International Challenge, a test event to be held this weekend in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. Renato Rezende, Rogério dos Reis, Anderson Ezequiel and Andre Fassina will wear green and yellow in the men’s elite, while Priscila Carnaval, Bianca Quinalha and Thaynara Morosini will be the representatives in the women’s category. Also included in the delegation are technicians Guilherme Pussieldi and Daniel Jorge, as well as mechanic Eduardo de Oliveira. Continue reading

Challenge MaceiÓ Opens Registrations

The Challenge World’s global Triathlon Triathlon Network has started its second edition in Maceió. After the success of the first one, which gathered more than two thousand athletes in August, the Challenge Maceió opened on Thursday (1st) its entries for the August 21, 2016 edition. The event is one of the main triathlon in the world and is the most famous in “half distance”. Continue reading

International BMX Challenge Opens Series of Test Events

Event will gather 96 athletes from 30 countries at the BMX Olympic center-mountain biking and canoing slalom are the next.

One of the more radical sports of the Olympic program will invade the West Side of the city this weekend. The BMX International Challenge, a test event for the Olympic Games, will inaugurate the newly built track in Deodoro, bringing together 96 athletes from 30 countries from October 3-4. This will be the first competition held in Rio Radical Park, which will focus Rio 2016 adventure sports in just under a year. Continue reading

Indoor Triathlon Cup and Princess Hill Race Will be held

The Luis Latorre Park, in Itatiba (SP), will host two important sporting events: the sixth stage of the 8th Indoor Triathlon Cup (17 and 18/10) and the 2nd Crown Princess Race (8/11). Entries are already open on the websites, for professional and amateur athletes, according to the age groups. The support is from the City Hall and Chelso Sports&Business. Continue reading

Brotas Hosts Triathlon Event This Weekend

Brotas, the capital of adventure tourism, will breathe sport this weekend. The municipality hosts the second stage of Trix Evolution, with triathlon, duathlon, aquatic marathon, trail run and run kids. More than 700 athletes are already registered for the five modalities, which will be played between Saturday and Sunday (October 3 and 4) in the Patrimônio district, 23km from the center of Brotas, where the main waterfalls of Brotas are located. Continue reading

Does Stretching Affect the Result of the Workout?

Stretching At Different Times Of Other Activities Is Safer And More Efficient

Does stretching before or after bodybuilding influence the results?-Davi Barros, Belo Horizonte, MG

Stretching is an excellent job for the body: it aches and pains, improves posture, elasticity and body awareness. It does not have to be associated with other exercises. On the contrary. Stretching at different times from other activities is safer and more efficient. Before exercise, it is best to warm the body, gradually pull it out of inertia and safely. At this point, stretching offers no benefit. As warming up for bodybuilding, I recommend turning your arms, moving your torso, taking a vigorous walk to the gym or on the treadmill, pedaling for ten minutes. Continue reading

Makes for Use in Brazil Cup

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Good morning girls, the World Cup is coming, and the best will be headquartered here in Brazil, it’s like a Carnival out of season, people use and abuse of glitter, colors and various accessories, and thinking about it I decided to bring tips of makes for use on big party.
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