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Boxes of Fishing to Fish at Night

Although the most common is to enjoy a beautiful morning to fish, often the night is the best time to do so. Surprisingly, fishing at night has its own problems, as it requires much concentration, ability and a keen sense to catch the fish as possible. A little before the setting of the Sun, and this is the best time to fish form can get ready to begin the tasks of fishing. Continue reading

How to Start Fly Fishing

Dear Internet users,

Fishing with the fly makes you dream, but you’re afraid to start. You think about it for a few years but it seems so complicated.

So you hesitate and you’re looking for information on the net. You’re lucky, Here’s a full article which goes to show the fly fishing, it’s not that complicated and especially is so cheap! You will find all the advice and equipment you need for fishing. Continue reading

How to Trout Fishing

The trout at the TOC

Trout fishing is possible with many techniques, but the trout to OCD (natural bait) is surely one of the oldest. Always topical and a great value, this technique is fairly simple to implement, but requires some knowledge!

The natural bait are very good on trout but which to choose? That is the question that many fishermen are asking. Need to know how to take into account different parameters: Continue reading

Trout Fishing with a Spoon

Fishing of the trout with a spoon!

Fisherman has never used the famous spoon? For my part I use it every year, shortly after the opening, around the month of may when the waters have warmed and that life takes its course. The spoon is a very good lure and can be daunting; too many fishermen forgotten at the bottom of their car and it is a pity, think about it! Continue reading

Pike With Deadbaits

Pike with deadbaits is one of the best ways, especially in winter, to catch big Pike. The Pike is in winter in places where sik today draws, and is close to each other. In view of the cold water, is still a big Pike in winter, preferably as close as possible near the bottom, in order to collect food with minimal effort. The perfect moment to strike with dead bait fish. ACEs – is one of the easiest ways to fish for Pike. It’s a lot easier when fishing with lures. Only those who are fishing with bait in the right way and carry the lures can make lively enough for an interesting object for Pike, catch a Pike. It is also a very effective method to capture particularly large Pike, m. The big m Pike thinks it’s much more fun to take a dead bait fish, than to hunt and consume too much energy in the cold water. The narrower and less Pike, particularly the male, however, are often active and often chasing bait fish.

Continue reading