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How to Choose a Wedding Dress

To choose the wedding dress, besides, of course, be on the inside of the main fashion trends, it is necessary to be attentive to your personal style, you can be romantic, sensual or more modern. To know exactly what kind of dress, bouquet, jewelry and shoes go well with you. To help, broke up some tips. Check out! Continue reading

What to Wear for Costume Party

The Brazil is a wonderful country! Cheerful, full of faith and a hospitable people, our country loves to show your gratitude and enthusiasm through beautiful holidays. The Carnival, jerk and even at Christmas is common us Brazilians we leave with fantasies out there to have fun. The costume party is a great opportunity for you to learn some tips and tricks for a fancy dress party amongst your friends and family.

Theme of the Party

Find out the costume party, i.e. If you go all women dressed as Princesses and princes, men or if it will be a Hawaiian party theme or Halloween-themed. Whatever the theme of the party, you should follow this theme,

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Fashion Week in Paris: a Fashion Diary

All Paris dreams of the fashion. The shows are the one, but there are good style here anyway on every corner

Trend-News: Carolina brings to the fashion week in Paris It is just up to date – your leather jacket in a uniform style. Beige nappa leather jacket by Barbara Bui, 1325 euros. Dark blue stretch mini dress: French connection, approx. 115 euro. Arm 0: Cos. Continue reading

The Total Look Black in the Social Male Costume

Out fully dressed in black does not require any type of care if your clothes are casual-except the usual, of course–but with social costumes is different, the “black hole of fashion”, as I’ve seen written in some places, can go from elegance to the disaster thanks to a few details that may seem insignificant, but consider them like that is a big mistake then meet some of them and bet on your talent to put together a beautiful combination: Continue reading

[look from Mai] Pink Coat-Fofinhooo! -of Shein

Nothing like that Sun delight accompanied by a cool breeze, right? Particularly, I love days like this! Besides, looks half-are the most delicious of produce-short let the legs out and, in counterpoint, covering your arms with a light jacket and comfortable. Love, love! Continue reading

Julianne Moore Oscar Dress

Beautiful actress and elegant woman, Julianne Moore loves long dress, but in his spare time, sports outfit easy and comfortable. Let’s find out how to copy the look of the beautiful redhead actress.

Julianne Moore has charmed Hollywood in the drama Still Alice where he  played the part of Alice Howland, a professor of languages ​​who develop Alzheimer’s. Interpretation that has brought our great icon to win the Golden Globe for Best Actress. Julianne, however, has really conquered all, not only for her acting skills but also for his style: chic, impeccable and very elegant.

If you want to copy her outfits, read on!

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Shopping in Milan

What shops do you not miss in Milan this summer if only there a couple of dar and have limited time for shopping? Are there any special clothing one should look at in addition to costumes and shoes?

I have unfortunately only been in Milan once and is absolutely not an expert on the subject, but will try to answer your question as well as possible. Many people associate Milan’s world famous shopping in the golden triangle, consisting of the four streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via Sant’Andrea and Via della Spiga. This area is just a few steps from the Cathedral, the heart of Milan. Along these streets and nearby all the world’s major fashion house representerde with exclusive shops that should be able to satisfy the most discerning shoppingfantasten. It must be said that this is not for the budget-minded, but overall prices are soaring. However, it is quite a mixed range, with everything from high fashion brands such as Prada and Missoni to those a bit more classic as Kiton and Corneliani. For anyone who is a fan of Giorgio Armani ‘s flagship store in Via Monzani, which is right next to the golden triangle is well worth a visit. Regardless of the size of the wallet, however, it is a very pleasant experience to wander around this area and inspired by Italian outfit. Continue reading

Long Red Prom Dresses

Good morning! Or maybe evenings or nights, in any case welcome. Today I will speak of the Red party dresses, which are a type of very feminine, seductive, flattering and timeless garment so it shouldn’t be missing for any reason of your closet.


  • 1 learn how to combine a red dress
  • 2 photos of celebrities with long red dresses

Learn How to Combine a Red Dress

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