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Vintage Wedding Motto Travels

In order to personalize your wedding personally and to “impress your stamp” a wedding motto is ideal. For all Globetrotter and Reiselustige is the beautiful wedding motto travels. This is easy to implement, your ideas will surely be so bubbling.

You can get inspiration from this Fotostory, which mixes the rice theme with the trendy vintagelook.From the invitation to the decoration to the wedding cake are so charming suggestions! Continue reading

6 Wedding Order Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is already there and it is clear that the romanticism and the will to surprise the loved one is raised.Many young men take advantage of the mood surrounding this day to ask for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage and buy the engagement ring but are lost when they think about how they will make the request for a wedding.That’s why we selected 6 inspiring wedding request ideas according to the bride’s personality!(I.e. Continue reading

Tips For Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Between walks to the bathroom at midnight, a fast-paced mind, leg cramps, heartburn that keeps you upright, a bouncing metabolism that is keeping warm-up on even when it’s off and the inability to be comfortable when you’re sporting a ball Of basketball in its cross section, it is no wonder you can not settle for a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, insomnia is definitely a good preparation for those nights of course that you will find as a new mother, but that does not mean you have to spend it lying down. Try the following tips to summon “João Pestana”: Continue reading

Questions and Answers About Being Pregnant

Ahhh! A second stroke, say: a positive pregnancy test! OMG, I’m pregnant!

Whether you trying to get pregnant for a while or it is completely surprising: A positive pregnancy test will lead to some outbursts of feeling and a lot of questions. Because the second line on the test says very clearly: I’m pregnant! A baby grows up in me, which will be an integral part of my life in just a few months! An incredible feeling, but also a time for many questions and uncertainties.

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Skiing and Snowboarding in Europe

The Netherlands government with its highest point at 333 meters, so we must also share even with the Belgians and Germans, not known as mountainous or hilly. On the international map as a winter sports country The Netherlands will therefore not take place. Nevertheless, you can ski perfectly in the Netherlands and snowboarding. Both indoor and outdoor, on ??real ?? snow or brush or carpet.

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Cycling Terms and Definitions

Breeches. French term still used by many cyclists of the old guard.


It comes from the French démarrage. It is the action of accelerating suddenly and violently to initiate a leak or the start of the race to position. It is used in Spain and in Mexico was in common use until 1980.


A rear gear combination with the front. It translates as development in meters resulting in each pedal stroke. The higher the front and rear lower gear plate has further development.

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Food Tips in Pregnancy

1 – Keep folic acid levels in day during pregnancy
2 – Beware of the calories during pregnancy
3 – Do not forget breakfast
4 – Pregnant can eat sushi!
5 – Meats are safe for pregnant women
Pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments of a woman’s life. The body changes, but also life as a whole. In this process of change, it is important to have a healthy diet to ensure that mother and baby are receiving the necessary nutrients.

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What is ISO?

The term iso comes from the Greek. Derived from ἴσος, ἴση, ἴσον (PR. isos, ise, ison) whose concept is the same. With that source also appoints the acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-the International Standardization Organization, in Spanish International Organization for standardization.

Definition of ISO

It is the international entity that is responsible for carrying out the development of manufacturing, trade or communication standards internationally for all industrial branches. Its fundamental mission is to find the standardization of products and safety standards both in public and private entities as well as for international companies.


According to abbreviation finder, this organization was created in 1947, after the second world war. Its headquarters are in Geneva (Switzerland) from where it coordinates the system composed by national bodies among which you can find to AENOR of Spain, Germany DIN, AFNOR of France, among others.

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Brazilian Confederation of Triathlon Offers Technical Course in VitÓRia

With an eye to coaching and growing the triathlon in the State, the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES), will host the CBTri Level I Triathlon Coach Course from October 9th to 12th. The course is open to Physical Education teachers and students, athletes, practitioners or triathlon enthusiasts. There are 35 places. Continue reading

Top 5 Films Horror and Suspense

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I’m going to look like a freak, but I confess that I love horror movies and thrillers, those that we can’t watch alone, and before bed look under the bed to make sure there’s nothing there (laughs).

The truth is that watching movies was always in my schedule of holidays, so I brought for you five options of horror and suspense movies I’ve seen and recommend.

Prefer and always watch movies with the original audio, i.e. in the subtitled version. And when it comes to movies of this genre, this requirement is essential. Believe me, it’s much better!

Liked it? So get the popcorn and separates a place on the living room couch, because it has a movie session waiting for you!

Invocation of evil-The Conjuring

Synopsis: Harrisville, United States. A couple (Ron Livinston and Lili Taylor) moves to a new house alongside his five daughters. Inexplicably, strange events begin to frighten children, the father and the mother. Worried about some stains that appear in your body and with a string of scares that led, she decides to find a famous paranormal investigators couple (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), but they do not accept the invitation, believing it to be just another mistake of people terrified with pipes that make noises during the night or the like. However, when they take a visit to the scene, they discover that something very powerful and evil lies there. Now, they need to figure out what it is and why the whole thing going on with the members of that family. Is when the past begins to reveal a demonic entity wanting to continue your path of evil.

The master key-The Skeleton Key
Synopsis: Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson) is a young man who accompanies terminally ill, in order to raise money so he could attend nursing school. In one of her works she agrees to accompany a gentleman invalid, Ben Devereaux (John Hurt), who lives with your wife, Violet (Gena Rowlands) in a land isolated in New Orleans. The place is famous for the amount of mystical ceremonies conducted there, but Caroline doesn’t believe in superstitions. Ben recently suffered a stroke, which left him practically paralysed and mute. So that Caroline can traverse the House comfortable, Violet delivery a master key that opens all doors. However in his wanderings she finds a hidden door, located behind a shelf and the bottom of the attic. Caroline opens the door with the master key and there is various antiques, mirrors were removed from all other rooms and artifacts still apparently linked to the practice of some kind of magic.

The other-The Others
Synopsis: During World War II, Grace (Nicole Kidman) Decides to move, along with their two children, to a secluded mansion on the island of Jersey, in order to wait for your husband to return from the war. As his children have a strange disease that prevent them from receiving direct sunlight, the House where they live is always in total darkness. They live alone following religiously certain rules, like never opening a door without closing the previous one, but when they hire employees for the home they end up breaking these rules, causing unpredictable consequences occur.

Synopsis: When the father of Victoria and Lilly kills mom of girls, children run frightened to a forest. For five years, no one has news on the whereabouts of them, until the day they reappear, without explaining how they survived on their own. The two uncles, Luke (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Annabel (Jessica Chastain) adopt Victoria and Lilly and attempt to take a quiet life at two, but soon they realize that there is something wrong. The two talk frequently with an invisible entity, called “Mama”. Lucas and Annabel don’t know if you believe in girls, or to blame them for the strange happenings in the House.

The orphan-Orphan
Synopsis: John (Peter Sarsgaard) and Kate (Vera Farmiga) go through a tragedy in the family. The loss of one of his sons makes, although still have the other two–Daniel(Jimmy Bennett) and Joyce (Lorry Ayers)-work seek help from an orphanage in order to adopt a child. Even after warned of the difficulties of adopting children have grown, the apparent maturity and charisma of Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) conquest promptly. The girl, however, is evil, taking the whole family to madness.

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