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Led in Frankfurt: Light in Building

Light + building: an absolute highlight in Frankfurt! At the light + building event, many buildings and historic buildings of the city of Frankfurt, in the right light are moved each year. The light + building fair is one of the largest events in the area of lighting and lighting installations. Lights are used for the design of the individual light artworks increasingly LED, to reach a particular variety in the choice of colors and at the same time as little as possible to consume energy. Continue reading

Decoupage Candle Decoration in Your Wedding

Planning and preparing a wedding is not easy at all. There are many details, many options and most of all, many choices to make. It is a fact, that every marriage must have a face, an identity of its own that will be marked in the memory of all those present. This identity, which can be considered the trademark of the marriage, need not only be beautiful and well made, it needs to have the face of the couple, reflect their personalities. Continue reading

Easter Wall Decorations Diy

Easter is knocking on the doors of all of us! And we must find us ready and then begin to prepare our home with decorations can also be used to decorate the table of this beautiful day spent with family. Today I want to offer a cool way to decorate with beads, styrofoam eggs so beloved by moms and teenagers. In fact, you can get help from them in the choice of colors of beads to use.

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The Led Lights

Have you irritated ever on a newly purchased LED lamp, which may be not quiet when the lights? It hums, buzzes, buzzes or buzzes? Not an isolated case – this can happen to you especially with dimmable models. Therefore, less price or brand of light play a role, but rather randomly occurring conditions on site and their influences on the ballast.

The exposed drivers of a “Superstar” OSRAM-GU10 LED spots. And right in the middle of two transformers that could stand out through audible resonances. Right, because of the better insight I’ve removed the outer metal and plastic shield at the large transformer. Continue reading

Inspired Decor in Paris–the Most Romantic City

People, was already planning this post was actually to have done last week, but the week was so full that I couldn’t. And at the end of the week tragedy strikes in Paris, is very sad to know that people do believe in… whatever. But anyway, I had already programmed so let’s continue with the programming. I showed the other day decoration inspired by London, and today I will be talking about in Paris-inspired décor. Continue reading

Let’s Help Jojo to Find a Dresser?

Another episode of “decorating the apartment of SanFran with Jojô”!All kidding aside, the place here is gradually taking shape. In fact, we gave priority to basicão: bed, sofa (Ikea), Tv rack in the room (directly from the Alameda Antiques Fair -incredible fair that rolls around once a month) and table and chairs for Office (which we found on the street, literally , someone was getting rid, left on the street who wanted to and we got). Continue reading

40 Decorations for Wedding Tables

The decorations for wedding tables 2017 is increasingly valued, since it can be crucial to make the celebration even more lively and full of life, tearing many compliments from the guests. But see this article also pictures and ideas that can help you decide which type of decorations for your wedding to ideal. Continue reading

Thun Christmas Decorations

Who hasn’t heard of Thun, raise your hand! Thun is famous for its unique style, sweet and tender, very joyous and reassuring. Produces lots of household items, of different types. Are part of the collections the party favors, decorative objects, clocks, the series of angels, decoration, jewellery, Christmas with the famous Nativity scenes and much more.

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Flag of Franconia

Appearance Flag Franconia

  • The flag colors are red and white Francs, which is called a heraldic silver and yellow in the German flag heraldry gold.
  • In the middle of the flag, the coat of arms is displayed Frankish, which is also red and white.This is the flag that something strange look, as if she were in the middle of the flag is white only three peaks that exceed in the red.
  • Designer of the Far East so have the colors of the white flag simply reversed so above and can be seen below in red.This visual change is not appreciated by the Franks.These surround the emblem with a line, so that this off the ground.

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