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Transpatagonia (Preparations 2) Sleeping Systems

At the Transpatagonia Expedition (link to the presentation), which begins on November 1st…With a six-month forecast, 7,000 km of mountain biking throughout Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (Argentina and Chile), plus 500 km Of trekking and 14 crossings (paso, in Spanish) by the Andes Mountains…I intend to sleep almost all the time in tent, in wild encampments. Continue reading

New Helmet Sends Distress Message in Case of Accident

With the growing number of people joining bicycles as a means of locomotion in large cities, there is also growing concern about the safety of cyclists.

Although the specialist market offers a number of helmets and safety accessories, a new helmet model is about to be launched this year that goes way beyond protecting the cyclist’s head. Continue reading

Renato Rezende Recovers Stolen Bicycle

Bicicross Athlete’s Equipment Was Found With Two Minors, Who Were Seized.

The Olympic bike rider Renato Rezende recovered on Wednesday night (6) his bicycle that had been stolen in the Municipal Park of Poços de Caldas (MG). Through anonymous denunciation, the Military Police managed to locate the bike in the Santa Augusta neighborhood. Two children were apprehended. Continue reading

Helmet Uses Micro-Damping Technology to Absorb Impact

Recent studies in the field of Neurology make it increasingly clear that concussions can cause irreparable damage to the brain.  In order to minimize the risk of neurological damage caused by head bumps, the US manufacturer 6D has developed a new helmet construction technology that uses a micro-damping system to absorb impacts. Continue reading

Largest Dutch Park Offers 1.8 Thousand Bicycles for Shoppers

Fight against physical inactivity ends up being natural in Hoge Veluwe. In all, 77% of the Dutch over 60 ride an average of 15 kilometers per week.

And one of the most remarkable manifestations happened in a square. In the early 1970s, the Dutch demanded more traffic safety, unique bike paths and pedestrian protection. Continue reading

Mio Cyclo Renews the Whole Experience of Cycling

Whenever you get off the bike, you have an opportunity to improve. Whether on rails, indoor, on track or on the road. Improving your personal record or competing with others. The options are endless with the Mio Cyclo 405 HC and 605 HC.Everything you need to improve your performance and give you motivation, comes to the market with an elegant and modern design. Continue reading

The Cycling Goes To University

“The role of science in high yield” is the theme of the Colloquium, organized by the Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo, that will bring together experts from the University of Coimbra and the Centre Mapei next Tuesday, in the city of the Mondego.

The initiative is part of the Portuguese cycling Federation project to create a centre of training evaluation and control, in the Centre of high yield of Anadia, project that requires sharing of knowledge and experience of multidisciplinary teams.

The Colloquium next Tuesday, open to students of the University of Coimbra, to other researchers and coaches of cycling 3 level, will be held in the Auditorium of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Science and technology, University of Coimbra, at 11:30. Continue reading

Cycling is In The Bike

The CNEMA in Santarém, will be the meeting point of the Portuguese cycling for three days between Friday and Sunday. In addition to the exhibition of the latest models of bikes, equipment and components, there will be several sports activities, many of which Portuguese cycling Federation initiative. Continue reading

5 Tips To Start Cycling In The City

Each time we see more bicycles in Portuguese cities, mainly in Lisbon and Porto. Citizens who go to work, schools or universities and who choose the two wheels (without motor) for travel. We in LiAM we’re fans and we’re happy to be everything that allows us to live the cities with a more human scale, as is the shift of bike on a daily basis.

Thus, on the eve of the CM Lisbon start putting the network of shared bikes in town (with and without motor), we ask an expert in the field of bicycles in the city which the 5 tips to start cycling in Lisbon. See whatJohn Camolas, owner of the Velocité has to say: Continue reading

5 Ideas For Intelligent Recycling Objects

Looking for different and innovative ideas to make your different home decoration, modern and beautiful? Because then you’ll love the tips here, all taken from the blog Chiligueta. In this blog you can find various tips, always with different ideas. Worth a visit to see.

The first idea is shown above. A lamp is made with plastic cups. Note that each Cup is a staple of these to hold paper. Fantastic idea, isn’t it? To see more details, click on the photo. Continue reading

Four Friends Resolve to Make A Cycling

Four friends resolve to make a cycling at the old Island, the Commander Fidel Castro.

Rodrigo Greek, Ezekiel Pulcinelli, Regina Freitas and I Helen Carey. The boys formed in geography (of course … so I don’t get lost) Regina in physical education (of course, to always have an incentive). Perfect junction of confusion, adventure, friendship and fun.

At first the idea was to cross the island from East to West, because they said the winds were the best favor. The island is practically flat, only in some specific places that there are some mountains and “lomas” as they say the Cubans. Continue reading

Portuguese Cycling Federation Completes 115 Years

The year 1899 was approaching the end, the same way that the monarchical regime lived the last few years, under the reign of King Charles I. However, times were also news and births.

In the press announced the “bicycletas” CLEMENT, the tracks “by the nobility, the clergy and the people. Nor could it be, since if you know that your reputation is universal and that no bicycleta the eguala in elegance, perfection, easy, bearings and price “. Were machines for cost 80000 Kings, but could be paid in “mensaes benefits”. Continue reading

Start Cycling On A Daily Basis

Using the bicycle as a means of transportation has many advantages for us and for those around us. But … what does it take to start leaving the car at home and start using the bike?

1. A Bicycle

You probably already have a bike somewhere in your house. If it has no malfunctions, if it walks and locks, then it does! There may even be a bit of rust here and there, as long as the frame and key components are intact. And nothing like an old bicycle to relive old adventures. You may need a cleaning or tuning, but no problem: even if you do not know how to do it, just take it to a bicycle shop and the mechanic will try to leave it ready for your travels. Continue reading

Cycling Remains Massively Marginal As A way of Everyday Urban Mobility

Cycling remains massively marginal as a way of everyday urban mobility around the world, but your current state is starting to change.

Some of the most prestigious cities in the world – for example, New York, Paris, Barcelona and London – are starting slowly to pull away from the use of the car heading towards the use of the bicycle in your everyday life.

Cycling is to establish a new urban lifestyle of the middle class.

Companies are saturated with cars and people are lacking in good health, so the new indicators of “good lifestyle”, the cycling, it is observed by a new look, a new perspective.

Cycling has become “cool” became “fashion”, a Renaissance among the middle class, professionals and much more in tune with the urban needs of each city. Continue reading