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Ccb Regulates Fixed Structural Tents in Campgrounds

Very common in private campgrounds, fixed structural tents are part of the role of the campers pass card holders. Are not necessarily traditional tents that disassembles and are stored in bags for transport, are sometimes constructed with tubular steel and canvas definitively. Although they are not appreciated by the rules of the Camping Club of Brazil, ended up becoming commonplace in some campsites guaranteeing network an important monthly income. Continue reading

Review: Thorfire Bl01

Brand: Thorfire
• Model: BL01
• LED: XM-L2
• Modes: 3 modes (high, medium, low) and hidden strobe
• Switch: Rear for ignition, shutdown and changing modes
• Batteries: 8800 mAh Pack (4 batteries 18650 2200 mAh each 1S4P)
• Purchase links: Thorfire and ThorFire AmazonPRESENTACIÓNA then I show the full light equipment to see and let you see when you use your bike or scooter. Continue reading

Best Flashlights Tactics of 2016

Hello fellow Falcon Toledo!

Many times we are undecided in choosing equipment or other, and more considering the overwhelming amount of products on the market. As well, on the web “Infinitepowersolutions” (see original post here) I found a guide with analysis of “The best flashlights tactics of 2016”, and I have entertained in translating it into Spanish for those you need a starting point or reference when it comes to a tactical flashlight. Continue reading

Review: Thorfire C8s


The model that I am going to make the review today is one apparently simple C8 which has struck me very much from the moment that I got the box. This is really the first thing that surprised me, the short period that it took to get me through Amazon Premium and with a pretty good for being a C8 of quality price. In addition a transport, do not post company brought it. Continue reading

Best Water Filter Carafes

In 2010, it has sold 1 million filter carafes. Real phenomenon of society, many are families in France who have opted for this solution, which allows to filter the tap water. About 20% of households are equipped at the present time. The German brand, Brita, is the undisputed leader with 90% of the market share of the sector.

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All in One Baby Sleeping Bags

Why is the Baby Boom, Bemini sleeping bag all-in-one? Thanks to an innovation of the creator and Belgian manufacturer Baby Boom, your little ones can use their sleeping bags in various contexts. It’s a choice of the Baby Boom House, looking before all, the functionality of these baby items. These Magicbags offer, thereby, of the technical characteristics, making them indispensable.

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Best Sleeping Pad for Hiking

Spend a good night in the mountains is very important: recover efforts of the day and be in shape for the big day looming the next day. It is therefore imperative to take time to choose his ground mattress, paramount, because it will bring you comfort AND insulation.

We often think that having a good sleeping bag ensures a good night in the mountains.This is false. For a great night, need you a good sleeping bag BUT also a good mattress that you will ensure comfort and especially the insulation.

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