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A Preparer Looks Back: Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Preparation

Someone said that”you should just look back to see how much you’ve walked”. This phrase is very useful within the world of preparation, where we only learn through comparison and contrast with past decisions. We read some text on the Internet and then the first thing we do is compare what’s written with our reality, and that’s great. Continue reading

Learn to Assemble Your Kit n.r. ‘s in the Bag

Bag of woman is always that thing: fits all! The bigger the better. Now, you have situations that you can’t take a big bag, and the small, delicadinha, is the best choice. Yet there are things in the life of a woman who can’t help but take. Emergency stuff, for example.

Broke the leap, tore the skirt, hit that colic or even painted that bad breath after dinner, every self-respecting woman has to walk prevented, no?

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Via Uno Summer Collection

Via Uno has been many years in the market and is known for the quality and beauty of its footwear and accessories such as bags, belts and wallets. Now in 2012/2013, the brand has prepared a collection of summer quite cheerful and full of trends, to make the Brazilian women even more beautiful and powerful, using one of the most beloved by the female audience, the shoes. Continue reading

The Brand of Shoes, Luiza Barcelos, Invades the Salvador Carnival

The brand of shoes, bags and accessories Luiza Babu has already guaranteed presence in the Bahian Carnival of 2017. Inspired by the atmosphere of revelry and focused on the power of woman who explodes in this which is the largest party in the country, the designer Luiza Babu has created a unique flip flops for the season. Continue reading

“It Bags” for Baby

Today I will open a new tag here on the blog; “Top Products”.

One of the items that we use for a long time and that’s just one child to the other are the bags. Already commented here on the blog that these bags with white face of baby stuff doesn’t have much to do with me. But how are practical and easy to clean, are always a good option and at the end are the ones I use myself. Continue reading

Transpatagonia (Preparations 2) Sleeping Systems

At the Transpatagonia Expedition (link to the presentation), which begins on November 1st…With a six-month forecast, 7,000 km of mountain biking throughout Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (Argentina and Chile), plus 500 km Of trekking and 14 crossings (paso, in Spanish) by the Andes Mountains…I intend to sleep almost all the time in tent, in wild encampments. Continue reading

Tips for Walking the Camino De Santiago

Get To Know Important Details For Those Who Want To Ride The Pilgrims’ Route

The Way of Saint James is the route taken by the pilgrims who have come to Santiago de Compostela since the 9th century to venerate the relics of the apostle Santiago Maior, whose supposed tomb is in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. There is a lot of information available for anyone who wants to walk the Camino de Santiago but there is not a site or site that gathers everything you will need.

Of the many existing “Camino de Santiago”, what is most traveled by Brazilians is the so-called French Way, which leaves Sant Jean Pied Port.

We did this bike ride and then we give tips about our experience: Continue reading

Large and Small Women’s Shoulder Bags

New season – new bag. So is the motto. Would it not still beautiful, if not only the shoulder bag or Briefcase is newly selected, but also our wallet or other accessories adapt? In a sense a partner look without a partner we help you find the perfect bags Kit to your outfit to dress out and to start fresh in the new season. Continue reading

Fabric Bag Trend

The stock market is an indispensable accessory in female costume, whether for your utility or simply for the beauty that she can bring the look if used the right way. And no shortage of models for all tastes and pockets, but the simplest options as the fabric and craft works are back in full force in recent years and are in high fashion trends.

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Shopping in Milan

What shops do you not miss in Milan this summer if only there a couple of dar and have limited time for shopping? Are there any special clothing one should look at in addition to costumes and shoes?

I have unfortunately only been in Milan once and is absolutely not an expert on the subject, but will try to answer your question as well as possible. Many people associate Milan’s world famous shopping in the golden triangle, consisting of the four streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via Sant’Andrea and Via della Spiga. This area is just a few steps from the Cathedral, the heart of Milan. Along these streets and nearby all the world’s major fashion house representerde with exclusive shops that should be able to satisfy the most discerning shoppingfantasten. It must be said that this is not for the budget-minded, but overall prices are soaring. However, it is quite a mixed range, with everything from high fashion brands such as Prada and Missoni to those a bit more classic as Kiton and Corneliani. For anyone who is a fan of Giorgio Armani ‘s flagship store in Via Monzani, which is right next to the golden triangle is well worth a visit. Regardless of the size of the wallet, however, it is a very pleasant experience to wander around this area and inspired by Italian outfit. Continue reading

How Choose Travel Backpack

The choice of a travel backpack is a difficult task due to the wide variety of models, brands and existing types. But you always have to think well what you want to buy because, as in so many other things, what cheap is expensive and the most expensive does not have to be the best and most suitable for final use that we’re going to give. Continue reading