Can LED Flashlight Hurt Your Eyes

As today’s LED flashlights are equipped with a high luminosity, we want to give a few instructions when using the LED flashlights here.

Dealing with other people

No lighting other people directly and especially not for a long time in the eyes. This leads always to glare and can also cause permanent damage.

With LED Flashlight with very high luminosity share or special focusing lenses in front of the LEDs, a similar retinal damage can occur, as in the unprotected look into the sun or in a welding flash of a welder.

Therefore, the use of the LED flashlight should always be controlled by anyone else or yourself to damage.


Children may not understand the “a little light” also can cause damage often. Therefore, parents should always describe our LED flashlights your children and also to address this regularly.

Do you want to buy a flashlight for your child, then you are not sure that the brightness of the lamp (lumen) is too high. This protects against the risk themselves or harm others, advised by Garyflashlights.

In the area Popular offers, there is a range LED flashlights for children. There LED flashlights are listed with low luminosity. These are usually better suited for children.


In wild animals should be avoided, to illuminate the animals directly. The glare can cause the animals react to a tapering and by the confusion and aggressive.

But also in domestic animals should be avoided to glow with a LED flashlight directly in the eyes as far as possible. The eye can here even faster damage, because the eyes of the animals usually have more visual cells or can collect more light. This leads, as well as in humans to glare and can also cause permanent damage.

Interruption of the traffic

After some reports of laser pointers at aircraft became known in the media, we would like to reiterate here. The aperture of motorists or pilots or other participants in the traffic constitutes an interference in the same.

If due to glare from an LED flashlight happen an accident, the Blender carries at least partly to blame. If not even the entire debt.

Therefore, they keep the LED flashlight always in the direction away from the traffic direction and shine Never direct the motorists or cyclists on.