CABLE Mobile Launches a Rate of 5 Cents Per Minute

Mobile CABLE It is another of the OMVs in the The Phone House Group which was launched in the summer of 2008 to give mobile phone service to local cable operators from Valladolid, Town Real, Albacete, Alicante, Murcia, Almería, Huelva and Cádiz.

The OMV has launched their new single rate in May of 5 cents per minute National destination with a price per message and any hours of 9 cents/SMS. Rate that assumes a 50% discount on the price of the (still existing) standard rate per minute, but in the case of the new rate, without the advantage of including calls to 0 cents between fixed and mobile mobile CABLE customers. Mobile Internet keeps your bonus of 300 MB to maximum speed for 8 euros and the rest with speed limited to 64 Kbps up to 1 GB service stops working.

Thus mobile CABLE matches the rest of the market rates that seem to be settling in 8 cents per minute for those who subsidize mobile or include calls to 0 between customers, 5 cents per minute for those who do not subsidize and 3 cents per minute for those who hire mobile internet.