Buying Chanel in Liquidation

Judging by the number of messages I receive from readers of the blog and my friends in Brazil, buying Chanel bags and sneakers is on the agenda of almost every woman who comes to Miami. Of course, everyone wants to find that perfect bag in liquidation. This complicates, and sooooo much, things since Chanel settlements rarely happen and the best parts are sold quickly. The only solution is to plan.

First, the bad news… Unfortunately, most classic fashion  handbags and shoes, like the classic flap bag or the bicolor sneaker, rarely go into liquidation.

In the first week of June and December, Chanel sends an invitation to customers for Private Sale, which usually lasts two days and when prices are between 30 to 40 percent below normal and there is a greater variety of merchandise. After these days, the settlement opens to everyone but the best is gone. Dai, I’d rather go to department stores, mostly at Neiman Marcus from Merrick Park for shoes. Unfortunately, very little remains to be done for the settlement in July and January.

Ah! the only boutique Chanel in Miami is in Bal Harbor, but the Saks and Neiman Marcus department stores also have boutiques inside the shops. And worth remembering, taking out June and December, the prices are always the same. So there is no shop where prices are better, it’s all expensive!