Bose Soundlink III: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing [TEST]

Bose Soundlink III is a great Bluetooth speaker that delivers good sound despite the small size and a little boring design.

According to Bose Bose Soundlink III himself is their best bet for a mobile Bluetooth speaker-and completely wrong is they are not gone. Although the speaker is slightly larger than other mobile Bluetooth speakers, you have sound for good, and it may well pay off, if there should be played up to the party.

Soundlink III is curiously nr. 3. in the row of Soundlink-series, and in addition to change the design, they have also implemented a brand new signal processing and better battery. This means that you can play higher without having to compromise on the size.


  • Size: 13.15 x 4.80 x 25.60 cm
  • Weight: 1.37 kg
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, up to 14 hours
  • Audio: Speaker: 4 x full-range drivers, 2 x passive radiator
  • Range: Up to 9 m
  • Connection: Bluetooth, 3.5 mm AUX
  • Colors: Gray
  • Price: Round 2,499 crowns

Simple design and operation

The speaker is very simple and follows Their industrial designs. The stand either out or do any mischief and touches slightly into the dull side. I do not think that the speaker really exudes everything that it can;for it is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Bose Soundlink III is ideal to take with you on the beach, on the terrace or just around the House. It has a nice size, and with its 1.37 kg is it nice light. Silicone coating in top and bottom makes the speaker non-slip, so you don’t need to be so concerned about where you place it.
On Their website you can buy loudspeaker with a cover for a measly $ 29 extra, as is clear to recommend, if you want to use the loudspeaker on the go. It is available in 5 different colors, which might not get the speaker to juices flow more design-wise, but gives a good protection.

At the top of the loudspeaker you will find the buttons where you can turn on/off, pair with a new device, adjust volume and select AUX-in connection. The operation is very intuitive, and the lights on the front gives an indication of how much battery is left and what Bluetooth mode loudspeaker is in blue, the speaker is the ready for pairing with a device, and is the white, is the associated with the device. A little sound also indicates that the connection is established, which I generally think going really quickly.

Excellent sound in all genres

Who is spanked on the sound in the little speaker, as both have a rich sound and good bass. The player easily my 50 sqm apartment up, and in my opinion can easily replace my old plants-a Harman Kardon is soon to have a 10 year old. The best sound you get, if the loudspeaker is placed on a table about 30 cm from the wall as the sound comes out from both sides.

I have played everything from Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’ to Enya’s ‘Only Time’, and no matter the genre loudspeaker delivers a crisp and clear sound and good bass, that can be hard to find in small speakers.

More technically consists of four loudspeaker the loudspeaker elements and two passive baselementer, there is spædet with a new digital signal processing algorithm. This means that there can be played extra high, without the sound will be distorted. And high can it play.


Fast and secure connection

I get a fast connection to the speaker, particularly because the loudspeaker recall up to 6 devices. When you want to pair it with the new devices, press the ‘ Bluetooth’ button and 1, 2, 3, so there is a connection.The range of 9 m also fits very well, and I saw only ‘ lumps ‘ in connection a few times.

However, I experienced some problems with the pairing of new devices, when the battery was about to be flat.

Battery life that lives up to the specifications

In the specifications says Bose, the speaker that can hold up to 14 hours, and it can I sign on.

Of course it will depend on how high will be played, but generally leaves the battery quickly up and keep for a long time.


Bose Soundlink III: good sound stored in compact speaker

If I must compare the speaker with others in the same class, URf.eks. Jabra’s Sole mate Max, I think of Bose Soundlink delivers a more clear and deep sound than Sole mate Max, while at the same time it also is more mobile. However, Bose Soundlink III is a tad more expensive, and so the big difference is that neither of the two, considering the price difference of around 500-1000 us $ in view.

The design is a bit to the boring side, but is, however, an upgrade from the previous Soundlink-editions.

I think of Bose Soundlink III delivers excellent sound in spite of the compact size. The sound fills the room, and the long battery life gives a big plus in the book, especially if you want to take the speaker with you.The lands therefore on 5 out of 6 stars. You can read more about Bose Soundlink III here.