Boots Twin Autumn Winter Set

Boots Twin autumn-winter Set 2013-2014: biker or Texans, with cugno heel or wedge, is the detail that makes the difference. It seduces.

The Twin Set boots for the 2013-2014 autumn-winter are Texans and bikers, especially.Convenient, comfortable, and glam. No high heels or very high, that Simona Barbieri dedicated to all shoes and boots . But so much femininity.

Boots Twin Set: practical for everyday

Heel cugno, low and wide, or a few centimeters wedge which runs down the shoe: Twin Set, apparently, the boots should be comfortable. And accompany us in the most cold and snowy winter days to go to work or college, for walking, for all outputs in casual style. Because another feature of the boots designed by Simona Barbieri for this autumn-winter is the absolute ease nell’abbinarli, so a pair of jeans as in a dress.


Colors and heights

Suede guarantees a soft effect in neutral tones, and exalts them decisively. Lavagna, mastic, caramel and a beautiful antique pink are the colors proposed by Twin Set, alongside the black – or black vintage look – the leather models. The shapes? Short boots, half leg, below the knee. In short: all.

The detail that seduces

The details of the Twin Set boots are manicured and they know to add a touch of class and femininity. And seduce, why not. The bow with gold metal chain to the micro studs bicolor, drawing a heart. Those twinkling on the side in delicious appliqués on the back. By interweaving games straps to glitter. From the leg wool, perforated, the strings accompanied by black shiny studs.

When it is said to know how to join two souls, a more romantic and a very chic and also a little urban rock. And, given the lines of underwear, clothing and shoes Twin Set, we have to say: mission accomplished, on all fronts.