Blumarine Flower Dress

Here comes the summer and the spring can not miss the flowers that bloom on the one side on lawns and balconies, the other can not help but flourish even on clothing, accessories and jewelry. The Spring Summer 2012 Blumarine is an ode to flowers, daisies, colors, and the Hawaii-style, bombastic, flamboyant and cheerful. The new season of EstateLearning is full of good humor, we are happy to being overwhelmed by these 3D daisies, and you?

Dresses, tops and shorts with flowers

On the occasion of the last edition of Milano Moda Donna, the woman signed Blumarine lit walkways with its colorful and floral look, seemed to be on a Rio Carnival wagon, but no, we were still in Milan! Anna Molinari focuses on freshness and lightness and proposes a 3D spring decorated with flowers, these showy flowers are placed on everything: dresses, tops, shorts, pants, shirts, t-shirts and even on leggings. The colors are fruity, ranging from orange to red raspberry, if you want something more minimal, there are also a lot of looks in total white and total black.

Fancy: la it bag

The new it bag Blumarine can only be a floral theme and for spring summer 2012 comes the Fancy bag, a handbag glamorous and sophisticated very showy and colorful decorated with raffia flowers hand-applied. This extravagant handbag is declined in various colors, ranging from warm colors like red, orange and yellow, but also to those cold or turquoise and purple. Fancy is perfect for walking to the beach and pool party.

The sandals with flowers

Flowers also on the shoes, Anna Molinari pours her hips daisies on sandals and heeled. We have more sober models where the flowers are a simple decoration, but also footwear most original in which the foot is all bandaged up of many flowers.

Again we have the multicolor models and those in white or black, if your style is simple enough, but you want to dive headlong into this contagious trend, betting on black.

Floral accessories

The accessories allow themselves to be influenced by this bulky spring. Anna Molinari presents us with many jewels decorated with these maxi flowers, we have earrings, necklaces, rings as well as bracelets and anklets. We suggest you go easy on the accessories and not to mix too many things: you to jewelry to flowers, but only with minimal look.

Even flowers for the dogs

And finally here is also a look whimsical and cute for your dogs following the Blumarine season trend. Of course if you dress so your four-legged friend is more than likely to run away from home and you do not talk over the word!