Bluetooth Hands-free. Which Headset is Better to Buy?

This time we have compared the market leading Bluetooth hands-free and have cubes that have the best value for money. As always you attach most outstanding internet bids because you can buy them cheap.

A Bluetooth hands-free is one of the favorite devices by those people who call constantly because of work, projects and business. Although associated more executives with costume is true that carry a Bluetooth hands-free ear all the time it is becoming more common and is more normal for the comfort they have.

I was in fact living in Sweden a few months and as fan of the headphones could not help noticing both on the street and inside the car that many people use them. We already know that these northern countries lead us to you advantage, so it is not surprising that now slowly is they are seeing more by Spain.

The best hands-free. Plantronics Voyager Edge (€150)

All those who both I and colleagues have tested decided that this was the most balanced and affordable. The calls are clear and quality for both parties. It also has a long battery life that lack them many other hands-free bluetooth. Along with this we find that fits comfortably for many kinds of shapes of ears and sizes, matching easy and has good wireless range.

Voyager Edge accepts Bluetooth 4.0 in addition to pairing NFC making it compatible with almost any mobile. The use of these hands free headsets is easy also. In addition to the voice controls, Voyage Edge has sensors that determine if you have it since. To answer a call you can say “reply” If you have it in your ear (or wear it) and thus connects you automatically. It has physical buttons of shutdown and power, volume levels, answer calls and voice commands that you can access quickly.

Best price found: €99

The quality of calls on this handset bluetooth hands-free is the most important aspect of any devices having this weekend and here is where the Voyager Edge highlights. Incoming calls have been very good to test this model in our tests. In fact in a fairly noisy cafeteria where we’re going very this headset was the favourite of the three experts we tested. Definitely a winner.

We found that the voices had the ring that we expected and luckily we found no outside noise. We remind that the hands-free bluetooth have to Excel in clear calls first and to cancel outside noise as the second. The sound of this Plantronics has struck as a fairly quiet room, not a cafeteria.

The only test we did in which the Plantronics not excelled was in the capture voices in a moving car, where it cost him more cancel noise that other hands-free bluetooth, but was still well developed.

The sound that we recorded and listen with the Voyager Edge is impressive considering how small that is. And more if we compare it with the Voyager Legend. This last of the same brand does not stay the first by some sectors in which Edge stood out. Either way this is the same small size as some rivals and even so manufacturer Plantronics has been able to make fit three microphones inside this bluetooth hands-free headset.

As mentioned initially, Voyager Edge also excels by good battery life. The brand promises 6 hours of speaking you can extend up to 16 using a funda-cargador. If you have it in standby you can last up to seven days without including this charger extra. Whatever it is in this sense we have tested when it was their autonomy in daily life and not in a pamphlet of the product and has given us a little more than six hours real. So points for Plantronics has been careful in advertising.

To test up to how much we could get away before receiving transfers Voyager Edge has given good results. For calls we stay away more than 30 meters without interference or notice at all in this Bluetooth hands-free. Taking into account that you want for a phone with wireless technology to have it in your pocket, bag, car, or on the table it seems one distance more than safe. Also when we tested A2DP twice we got away with the Voyager. Wasn’t that more us could get away but if the second.

Developing a little more the comfort of this headset bluetooth the Voyage has an excellent. Had one that is a little better feel in the ear but on the other hand did not have so much quality or balance in the development of the device. Voyager Edge comes with lots of accessories: a micro-USB for charging, a USB car, in addition to rubber Stoppers which reminds the in-ear since it comes with small sizes, medium and large to ensure that adapt to all kinds of ears. Also clear a small clip that surrounds the ear to ensure that it is securely fastened.

Not so good things

If you take time following us know that we never take for perfect some headphones. Everything can be improved. This Plantronics is not a headset handsfree Bluetooth that is an exception. To start even though it is true that the autonomy is good, some of the models we tested still were better.

In addition to this, you may have noticed that we have not spoken of the design yet, and it is not he likes everyone. Your microphone is indispensable for such quality calls but is visually a bit intrusive.

Finally we we miss a small detail in its capabilities, and this is that had volume with device synchronization that it emparejas, something that many other hands free headsets had but have not wanted to consider as essential.

You should buy a bluetooth headset handsfree?

If you already have one that works maybe don’t need a new one unless you already take years with him and/or you of problems. Similarly, if you have a hands-free bluetooth cheap because you bought it to test that you feel but you want more quality then enjoy more quality on your calls.

It is possible that the people with whom you talk via mobile are telling you that you sound almost like a robot. Unlike other electronics spending more for a hands-free, in fact it is easy to justify, since it is a product that is updated very slowly since the market now is not very large. So if you buy one it will take you several years need upgrade.

Finally a last note in the shopping section, and is that in you attached is the best thing on the internet. Sometimes are not always the cheapest (for few euros) but if they are the best for what they offer. This includes good price, free returns & speed in addition to shipping safety policy. Then we recommend buying for the links you’ve put each product.

Regardless of whether it is legal or not in your area talking on the phone while driving, we all agree that doing so is not something intelligent. But the alternative, trusting that presumptuous speaker of your phone, is not much better. Sound quality is horrible, and the same goes for the person on the other end. In the same way, unless you’re sitting at your desk and you focus completely on the phone, it is much more likely that you want to have both hands free during calls.

The solution is the mobile headsets or hands-free bluetooth. The first offers a handset and the latter a speaker, so that you can better hear your calls, as well as a microphone so you can hear other people better.

Assuming that you find a handset that you feel comfortable and safe in the ear, or loop around it, insurance can appreciate the versatility of a handset: is typically light, ultra portable and convenient to use, while it is also convenient as you do your efforts around the office, visiting clients, on public transport, at the airport, while attending conferences , and so on.

If you feel that you live in your car or you like the music or want to do with sport, a headset for mobile phone specifically designed for calls in the car might be a better choice, thanks to its convenient options of installation and large buttons that are easy to locate while driving. For those who spend much time using your phone as a phone, some mobile headsets are a great accessory.

The ubiquity of today’s Bluetooth technology means that you have many options, with a large number of models of headphones Mono and telephones with speaker for car or go underground in the market. To help you find the perfect solution for you, here are the best models, apart from shopping guide: qualities you should look for when shopping, information about the different types and specific recommendations.

What to look for when you buy headphones for mobile

Taking into account how easy that is to connect a headset to mobile to your phone is iPhone, Android, Windows, or whatever, and that most of these accessories work in a similar way, you can be tempted to buy only the model that looks better, or that are sold at the lower price. But as with the headphones, the relatively simple functionality of a headset or speakerphone Bluetooth disguises the countless differences in quality, functionality, and features that you can get. With this in mind, here some tips for the purchase of a portable handsfree kit or speakerphone car Bluetooth.

What is your budget?

When we talk about buy, a friend of Barcelona says that a popular colloquialism is the B.B.B abbreviation, which means good, cheap & pretty in Spanish. I’ve been reviewing earphones for mobile for several years now, and after testing more than six dozen products, I can say that the B.B.B is hard to find in today’s Bluetooth products crops. If you like a good pair of headphones you have to pay for them, or maybe make some commitments. Therefore, most of the products I recommend are rather good, nice and Caro, or decent, nice and affordable. But well, two out of three isn’t bad.

Spend more money gets you a better quality of call and best features, but also get you the best design such as headphones for mobile Jawbone Era.

It determines your usage habits

First, find out if a headset or Bluetooth speakerphone is really something you are going to use. If talking on the phone is a task of several times a day, a headset is probably a good buy; But if you only use the phone occasionally, then it is an unnecessary luxury. For a car speaker, think if you spend enough on truck hours every day to justify a purchase. You can cope with headphones for mobile, unless you start to hurt the ears or you I hate about having hanging gadgets.

Keep in mind the duration of battery

Talk times and timeouts each model can vary widely. Mobile headsets, it looks for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of talk time; When it comes to speakers car, conversation times usually range from 10 hours to more than 40 hours, thanks to the batteries that are much larger. Wait times vary from less than a week to more than two weeks for headphones; speaker for truck, usually a couple of weeks to a few months. I have a way to prove more specific estimates of each model, but in my tests in the real world, the products I recommend here are typically at the height of what they offer.

Look in the streets (or Amazon)

Ask your friends and coworkers if you can prove your headphones and speakers. To the mobile headsets, for reasons of courtesy and hygiene, use new plugs so your friends do not feel offended when you introduce your headphones into your ear canal with reckless abandon. For the speakers, try to go for a walk to see (and hear) the product in action. I recommend Amazon which has a great policy of return and prices that are often cheaper than in the manufacturer itself.

More taken into account in the mobile headsets

A test in real time is essential to evaluate the performance and comfort.

Listen: Similarly, if your colleagues or friends have headphones and speakers that are on your list, make you call from different backgrounds: a busy street, a hockey stadium, a runner, on the highway, and so on. That way, you can get an idea of how your voice will sound in different contexts.

Ask for advice: While you’re testing headphones and speakers of your friends, ask them how happy that feel with these products. What good is the call quality? May they depend on the accessory for work calls? Often the people on the other end is complaining about distortion of voice or the annoying background noise? Are talk and standby times at the height of which indicates the manufacturer? For headphones, feel pain in your ears after a day of use?

Is realistic: sure you feel tempted by some of the most sophisticated features available, but think carefully about if you them to use frequently. If you don’t want to spend more than 100 euros in headphones for mobile, what you like the features of text to voice and voice to text, in addition to an elegant design, when the only thing you need is to talk with your customers indoors with a good quality voice? Similarly, some speakers allow you to stream music from your phone and spreading your calls through your car stereo system. Such features sound attractive, but you will really use them?

Latest notes. Recommendations, customer reviews, and opinion

We have demonstrated in several comparative that each brand is better at one thing. For example Sennheiser highlights film, Bose with cancel outside noise and Plantronics with the bluetooth hands-free. Ethics never leave that brands pay us nothing to test headphones or audio devices. In fact almost always ask, we buy – ourselves back products we tested because they are the most purchased or valued, so we believe that you can trust in our analysis.

If you have the budget and design you okay the Voyager is great. Almost as much as the runner-up, but if you have a budget of less than 100 euros which know you not bad because as you’ve seen the Explorer it is quite good but not especially noted.

If you have any question or opinion of the tested models do not hesitate to consult it.

We call those who have tested for this comparison have been discarded for too high price or quality too low (some we have reviewed because if that’s worth considering them): Nokia Luna, JETech® H0782, Plantronics 202340-05, Plantronics 200739-26, Mpow Freetalk, Plantronics 202341-05, Plantronics M55, Dylan stereo Wireless, TeckNet G910, EZX 70 Sennheiser, Plantronics 201152-05, Mark 2 M165, Sony G037H127B GRDE®, Sony MBH20, Jabra JABT2045, Classic Jabra, Plantronics Voyager Pro HD and some more.