Black Mule in the Colors of Winter

The winter is usually marked by more earthy colors. But winter 2017 promises a interesting change in this regard. Shades such as red, blue, green, pink and yellow will be the most influential of the station.

The Black Mule, product design studio founded by Felipe Baloch and André Gurgel, presents some securities options perfect for letting in the wintry weather décor.

Coil Bank

With versatile and unusual design, awarded at the ‘ Design Award, in the category of Silver, the Serpentine bench is inspired by the refrigeration condensers and done with metal pipes and electrostatic painting. The play brings the banal and common to the modern and fun through innovative design. Finishing:Metal and automotive paint. Measures:50 x 160 x 45 cm.

Clothes Rack Cactus

Where there is drought there is also beauty, and that’s where the Black Mule was inspired to create the cactus, plus master’s Luiz Gonzaga, who once said, “Mandacaru when ‘ dry ‘ had to work …”. A design accessory that intrigue, robustness in your order and delivery dates back to playful. The piece was awarded in the ‘ Design Award, in the category of Silver. Finish: MDF lacquered. Measures:71.4 x 71.4 x 180 cm.

Trimmer Tetris

A steel structure frames wooden blocks that make an allusion to the famous Tetris game Flash, and just like in the game, the blocks can be colored and the variations are limitless. One of the striking features of the Studio’s irreverence in the forms, through unusual inspirations, and functionality of the parts. This is another iconic furniture from Dictfurniture that reflects the essence of the Studio. Finishing:metal structure, lacquered wood blocks. Dimensions: 300 x 55 x 85 cm.

Desk lamp SIX

Designed to be simple, sophisticated and fun, the SIX was inspired by polygon hexágonal, which gave rise to the name. All resources are designed to provide a better interaction with the user. The position of the light and the shape of the dome was designed to cover a large area, with large illumination angle. The play was premeada in the Design Award, in the category of Iron. Finish:glass fiber and automotive paint. Measures: 30 x 27 x 40 cm.

About the Mule Black

Product Design Studio founded by Felipe Baloch and André Gurgel in Natal, in the year 2012, when they decided to join the great affinity in the creative sphere. Felipe Baloch was born in Natal in 1970, is an architect graduated from the UFRN and directs also the Office Felipe Baloch Architects since 2000. André Gurgel’s designer with specialization in graphic design and three-dimensional visualization of products, was born in Natal in 1988, and also the Studio of computer graphics VirtuaCG.

The name is inspired by the song of the same name of the King of Baiao, Luiz Gonzaga, who was one of the most complete, important and inventive figures in brazilian popular music. She represents the Northeast, trace the irreverence of the creative design of the Studio. With the Association and the idea of the creators in mind collects many awards around the world since then.